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Article: Knitting with Einband

Knitting with Icelandic lace weight Einband wool yarn

Knitting with Einband

Einband Wool Yarn makes beautiful sweaters that are lightweight and manageable. The yarns appear as fine strands in single ply which makes them very delicate when knitting. They can be made into shawls and beautiful laces which will then be used to accessorize another look. Considering the cold and freezing climate that is characteristic of Iceland, who would have thought that this fine, lightweight and elegant type of yarn would originate here. The Einband Wool Yarn feels like a light fingering of yarn that is why so much care is applied when handling it.

Knitting with lace weigth Einband wool yarn

The Einband Wool Yarn is difficult to handle before washing it. Even before knitting can start with this yarn, a swatch is made then rinsed and blocked after which it is measured to get the correct gauge reading. This is the process that will help to identify what needle size to use in order to achieve certain measurements in the finished item. It is only after the wool has been washed that it loosens up and makes manageability easy.

Icelandic Lace weigth einband wool yarn. Alafoss lopi
The ability of the Einband Wool Yarn to make beautiful pieces of garments lies in its occurrence in the many colors that it can be knitted in. From natural earth colors to bright striking color shades, knitting for elegance is part and parcel of the possible designs. The wide assortment of colors can be carefully matched to produce pieces with a personal touch and identity. It is perhaps one of the reasons why Einband Wool Yarn has been used successfully in many occasions to make light shawls whose sole purpose is to complement another garment.

Pairing Einband Wool Yarn with other wool

Pairing of Einband Wool Yarn with other yarns has been done before to achieve a yarn of increased strength and stability. Used with a single strand of unspun Plötulopi, this yarn type can be made into beautiful and durable pieces. End results will be heavy, functional and attractive owing to the blending of properties.

If a garment is made from Einband Wool Yarn, it’s the manner in which it stretches is similar to how fine lace garments do. The only difference is in the way it looks likes when it comes off the needle. Many garments appear small and shrunk and it is only after a few instances of wearing and washing it that it will stretch to the measurements that were used to knit it. These shawls are so small that they can fit in the palm of the hand but still be big enough to through over the shoulders when it gets cold.

What is Icelandic Einband lace wool yarn?

Interested in getting more information about this beautiful wool yarn from Iceland? Read more about it here.


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