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About Us - Icelandic Store

The Icelandic store came into inception as a small family run business in 2008. It started in the capital in Reykjavik in Iceland. With its humble and modest beginnings, it initially began as an online business and due to a growing demand for the quality products that we provide; it has expanded into a global business, with customers all around the world. The root cause of the demand for our products lies in three major factors: top-notch quality, amazing customer service and authentic products.

Our entire product range is genuinely sourced and handcrafted in Iceland, and this is what makes our products unique. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it assures all our customers regarding the credibility of our products. Secondly, it serves as a way to help and grow the local industry in Iceland, by not only providing work to natives, but also by seeking to preserve the cultural heritage factor of the industry as well.

Our main products are sweaters, which are hand knitted from superior quality wool, carefully extracted from Icelandic sheep. The yarn obtained from these sheep is different compared to other sheep, because it is a pure breed, which has been kept separate from other sheep for more than centuries. The yarn used is thick enough to be worn without any additional jacket or outerwear over it. This assures the purity of the yarn, which is carefully knitted by hand. We provide a range of designs for men, women and children. The designs of the sweaters themselves are reflective of traditional Icelandic patterns, which also incorporating a modern style.

Recently, the industry has been facing a dearth of authentic products, and we continue to be one of the few remaining businesses that are providing original and credible apparel and other items made with genuine 100% Icelandic sheep yarn. We will continue to focus towards making genuine Icelandic yarn apparel available conveniently to people from across the globe. 

If you would like to make your own sweater or other items, we also offer, Icelandic wool, of the most excellent quality fabric available, which you could use to create your own personalized wool apparel of all sorts. At the same time, as an addition to our apparel based products, we also offer home décor, in the form of traditionally made Icelandic blankets.

We provide our customers with convenience, providing them with our products in all corners of the world, with worldwide shipping on all of our exceptionally made products. Not only that, we also assure you of speedy delivery services. We treat our customers with the best ease of access available to them.

Our cordial and friendly customer service will be pleased to receive and look into any complaints or suggestions, our customers might have about our products. If in any event, you are not pleased with our handcrafted delicately made products, we provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, so that you can remain rest assured when you purchase from our store.