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Article: Visit The Icelandic store in Hafnarfjordur Iceland

Visit The Icelandic Store in the Reykjavik Capital area

Visit The Icelandic store in Hafnarfjordur Iceland

The Icelandic Store is a small family online store that was established 2008 and is now located in the capital area of Reykjavik in a cute town called Hafnarfjörður.  The goal of the company is to provide authentic Icelandic products at a reasonable price and the main products are all Icelandic.

Visit The Icelandic Store in Hafnarfjordur Iceland

A visit to the Icelandic Store can give you a unique insight into the genuine Icelandic handknitted garments In our shop you can purchase our Icelandic wool products or buy some hand-knitted wool products for a good price.

One of the main cornerstones of the business are the handknitted Icelandic wool sweaters, lopapeysa. All the sweaters are handknitted by an Icelandic local here in Iceland and are individually produced and therefor unique. The Icelandic Store offers a range of styles and designs of Icelandic wool sweaters, from traditional patterns to contemporary designs. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and sizes, ensuring that they find the perfect sweater to suit their personal style and needs. Here are some example of the sweater we have.

Other Icelandic products we have are wool blankets made from Icelandic wool, knitting yarn from Iceland and accessories like mittens and gloves, woolen scarves, hats and headbands and wool socks.
We also have Icelandic design, jewelry, cushion coversCotton bed linen and  sheepskin rugs.

Knitting kits
For the happy knitters we have hundreds of knitting kits with all the things you need to knit a garment. Take a look at the selection of knitting kits.

Send to you hotel
You can also buy on the website and make your purchases before you arrive in Iceland and asked to be delivered to your hotel or the place you are staying in Iceland. All you have to do is to add products in your cart and pay. Products will be delivered directly where you want them!
Or you can even pay at the store and ask for a delivery at your specific location. 

Regular opening hours
Opening hours for shopping or pickup: Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm.
If you plan to visit outside these hours just contact us in advance, at  and we will open the store for you.

Group visit
We welcome groups of any size to The Icelandic Store. If you plan to attend as a group of 10 people or more, please contact us in advance at 

The Icelandic Store is located in the outskirts of the Reykjavik capital area, a small town called Hafnarfjörður.



I will be in Iceland early in September. If I have items delivered to my hotel, can I get VAT back? Do I have to carry the items with me on the airplane? I want to buy a blanket and several knitting kits and several balls of yarn.

Barbara A. Cadwell

do u ship yo usa, my daughter was in Iceland and loved the warmth of your knitted items would love to surprise her with more

caroline lowell

Do you supply Ānafosslopi yarn?
I knitted a lovely – very warm- jumper using this yarn in green and I love it. I would now like to knit one in red.
Many thanks

Mairéad Bolger

October 26, 2023
I am from Canada, visiting Ireland right now, but will be flying to Iceland tomorrow. Do you have cross stitch kits in your store? I would love to get one.
Thank you.

Juanita Rattray

I am flying in November 2nd. Your store is now om my itinerary…happily

Stephanie Berry I was very happy with the service you provided me when I had a case of Applesin delivered to the US for my anniversary. I would like to post a review of your shop on Trip Advisor. They ask for your phone number, but I cannot find it on your site. Could you please email your phone number to me so I can complete your review. Thank you very much. (I am having trouble accessing my Gmail. account, and I really wanted to give you a glowing review somewhere – hence Trip Advisor)

Anita Morganstern

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