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Corporate gifts for clients and employees

Corporate gifts are an important business investment. Express appreciation to employees, acknowledge business achievements and milestones, and stay engaged with important clients. Give memorable gifts that people feel recognized and they can cherish for years to come.

Corporate Gifts that reflects your values

The best way to show appreciation to clients, colleagues and employees for their business and loyalty is to give a warm and memorable gift that everyone will love and remember. The right kind of corporate gift should evoke a positive response to make the people feel valued and appreciated.

Icelandic quality products

If you are looking for a corporate gift that will wow your clients and customers we might just have the selection for you. From high-end unique pure Icelandic products to delicious Icelandic treats with premium ingredients. We offer Icelandic products that bring a thoughtful token and is sufficiently personal. 

Corporate gift ideas

We’ve got everything you need for corporate employee gifts, corporate gift giving, and corporate gifts for clients and for all kind of events. You will get a Business Discount depending on the products and the amount of items.
Our selection of Icelandic products are great for:
Client Gifts
Welcome Gifts
Closing Gifts
Referral Gifts
Christmas Gifts
Corporate Anniversary
Employee Recognition Gifts

Shipping and delivery

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. And if you are organizing an event in Iceland we can ship the products to the preferred address.

Contact us for further information

Our super friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to find you the perfect Icelandic corporate gifts. Tell us the details of your event, your audience, budget and how many corporate gifts you need and we can make suggestions to meet your needs.

To receive more information please us email to with the details we need.