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Icelandic Wool Sweater - How to find your size | Measuring for an Icelandic Lopapeysa

So you are thinking of buying an Icelandic Sweater? Our sweaters are meant to last a lifetime and they are made with love and care. They are not exactly cheap either so it pays off to spend a little time finding your correct size. I you find any of the measuring confusing don‘t hesitate to drop us a line.

Now there are three important things to consider: (A) Width, (B) lenght and (C) length of arms.

(A) Is the WIDTH of the sweater measured just below the armpits. There are typically two failproof methods of measuring this. One way, which we recommend is to find a sweater you already own and fits you like a charm. Lay it flat and measure it for A,B and C. Don‘t pull on it in any direction. Another way would be to measure your own body. Put a measuring tape around your chest and under your armpits. Don‘t pull on the measuring tape. Since you need to have your hands down by your side you should consider getting some assistance. This method gives you the circumference so divide the number by two and you have your width.

(B) Lenght to neck. Generally measured from the collarbone to the waistline. If you are measuring a sweater you already own just measure from the top to bottom.

(C) Lenght of the sleeves. Measured from the armpit to the wrist. Same goes for a sweater you would measure. Armpit to end of sleeve.

 How to measure for an Icelandic wool sweater - Lopapeysa

A few things to consider:

  1. Our sizetables are different for each sweater. So if you have decided on a pattern or design, make sure to check that size table.
  2. If you want to deviate from the size table, let‘s say add longer sleeves. Go ahead and order a tailor made sweater and include your requested measurements. They cost the same unless there is a considerable addition to the work we need to do or add a lot of material.
  3. When ordering a tailor made Icelandic sweater, or one that is not in stock, keep in mind that we need to add some time to the delivery time. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into making these sweaters and there is no guarantee that we have a knitter available to start your project the minute you make the order. If you are not the patient type we would recommend you buy a sweater from our stock.
  4. Icelandic sweaters are made from sheeps wool. Although we have only encountered one incident so far they may cause alergies to those sensetive to animal fibers.
  5. If you are unsure of anything regarding ordering, measuring or you just have any questions you feel you need to have answered before you make and order, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.
  6. Each and every sweater (Lopapeysa) we make is made by hand, right here in Iceland. We never deviate from that and all our knitters are experts in their craft. That means that each and every sweater has it‘s own character and if you are receiving different sweaters from different knitters there is a good chance you will be able to spot a difference.