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Freyju - Draumur -
Freyju - Djúpur -
Freyju - Djúpur Sale price$9.79
Freyju - Ris -
Freyju - Ris Sale price$7.00
Freyja Möndlur - almond-shaped caramels with licorice taste
Freyja - Möndlur Sale price$7.00
Freyja Big Dream. Icelandic chocolate bar with licorice.
Freyja - Rosa Draumur Sale price$4.00
Freyja Strong Dream. Chocolate bars with strong peppery salt licorice filling. Icelandic candy
Freyja - Sterkur Draumur Sale price$3.99
Freyja - Sterkur Draumur Chocolate Icelandic Candy Bar - The Icelandic Store