Authenticity and quality Certification of the Icelandic Eiderdown

The eiderdown duvets are inspected by the Icelandic government and come with a certificate of authenticity and quality.

What does the certificate of authenticity and quality mean?

Icelandic eiderdown is the softest down in the world and extremely rare and the qualities of the eiderdown are unique. The wild eider ducks have been protected by the Icelandic government since 1847. Eiderdown farming finds the symbiotic balance between bird and man and no birds are harmed in the process.
All the eiderdown duvets has an official Quality Certificate of Inspection according to law nr. 52/2005 on inspection of Icelandic Eiderdown. According to law, only eiderdown that has passed this strict quality control may be sold in Iceland or worldwide.
The certificate witness that the eiderdown has passed a quality inspeciton of an authorized eiderdown inspector. The inspector assesses the downs cleanliness, smell, color and cohesion and the weight is certified. Authorized quality inspectors ensure that buyers of Icelandic eiderdown always receive a high quality product.

Authenticity and quality Certification of the Icelandic Eiderdown

How do I know that the eiderdown is genuine?

You’ll receive a certificates with your order with the assured quality from the Icelandic Government. The certificate comes from one of eleven quality inspectors who have been appointed by the Icelandic government to oversee that all eiderdown sold and exported in Iceland is pure, quality eiderdown and that the weight described is accurate. Every duvet is given the Icelandic Government Seal of Quality and a serial number by the same inspector that follows the down from nest to duvet. The Seal of Quality is overseen by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation and secures the quality of the product.
In addition, a stamped Government Certificate of Authenticity and Origin of the Eiderdown, featuring a unique serial number. Duvets filled outside of Iceland cannot be given this prestige seal; therefore the Icelandic Government’s Seal of Quality is precisely the difference, which all buyers should look for.

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