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Article: Win a trip of a lifetime to Iceland!

Win a trip of a lifetime to Iceland!

Win a trip of a lifetime to Iceland!

We at The Icelandic store want to give you a chance to win a trip to Iceland and experience all that Iceland has to offer. Amazing Iceland with glaciers, hot geysers and beautiful landscapes.
Our three lucky winners will get the chance to go to Iceland worth 100.000 ISK.

How to enter the competition

Entering couldn’t be easier! To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is make a purchase for 150 USD or more at The Icelandic Store, between 1. October - 31. December 2022, to be automatically entered into the draw.
And of course we would appreciate for you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

What is included in the price

Each prize includes value of 100.000 ISK gift certificate from Icelandair. Icelandair gift certificate, redeemable towards flights from any current Icelandair gateway to Iceland.
And, if weather conditions allow, a sightseeing flight with the owner of The Icelandic Store, Orri Hermannsson who is a certified commercial airline pilot.


We are going to randomly select three times and the lucky winners will be announced on the dates; 15. November, 15. December and 15. January.
The winners will be notified by telephone or e-mail.

Terms & Conditions

The Win a Trip to Iceland will end at 11:59pm GMT, 31. December 2022. The gift certificates will have a two-year time limit of use.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. If a winner is under 18 years of age their prize may be deferred to a parent or legal guardian who is 18 years of age or older.

Spread the word

Please forward this page to all your family and friends or anyone who might be interested in a free trip to Iceland. 

Let´s go shopping
at The Icelandic Store




Winning a trip to Iceland would be absolutely Wonderful! I’ve read, and have in my possession, Eliza Reid’s book, Secrets of the Sprakkar and so enjoyed all of the details of Iceland. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be so fortunate!

Carol Cramer USA
2974 Troon Court
Rockford, IL 61114

Carol Cramer

I went to Iceland for n May. I am completely hooked. I would love a chance to go back. It’s been my favorite international destination so far. There are so many areas of Iceland still to explore!

Denise Shepherd

I’d Love to win this trip. Iceland is my family’s heritage! I Love going to Iceland! I hope I win!!!!!

Svava Cushing

It is my partner’s dream to go to his ancestral lands. This would be amazing.

Yvonne DeBruyne

My sister and i have been planning on a trip to Iceland sometime. Our families heritage is Icelandic. This would be an amazing gift for my sister and i. As i don’t live in the same province as my family, my sister has been taking care of my parents. We only have our mom left now. It would be a great thank you to my sister. We would love to see our heritage first hand.

Joanne Ramsay

I want to return to Iceland to see my dear late husband’s family and I feel I need to reconnect with him through being in his homeland. He grew up in Hafnarfjordur. We purchased the Yule Lads on one of our visits and our children loved that part of Christmas every year with their dad. I always buy gifts for friends and family in Iceland when we visit.i have not been financially able to make a return visit since he passed.

Janet Jonasson

So excited to be in this competition! Good luck everyone!

Anna Macleod

Iceland has been on my bucket list for ages. I’d love to travel to this wonderful Nordic gem.

Thorne Waugh

I bought my first cape while I was in Iceland last Christmas. It was my second Christmas without my 23 year old son who died the year before. He was my only child. I.saw the capes and I am telling you it took me forever to decide which design to buy. Strength or love. I decided I needed strength at that time. I am now ready for love so am purchasing the hooded love designed cape. I live in Colorado and these capes keep me so warm and cozy. I just booked another trip in April . Iceland soothes my soul. The beautiful landsapesand the amazingly warm and friendly people. Be well..

Suzanne Lucas

We would love to win a trip to Iceland, it would be a trip of a lifetime for us. My daughters grandfather was born in Iceland along with his mother who was full Icelandic. We love making Brunkaka for him and it reminds him of when he lived there! My daughter would be so happy to learn more and see more of her family heritage in Iceland! We also h make family friends we would love to see while there!!

Victoria Sommer

I would love to visit Iceland and the Icelandic Store! I would have to bring an empty suitcase for all the wool and wool products I would simply have to bring home!!

Lynn Schettler

I have been to Iceland twice and loved every minute of it. We are always looking to go back and visit this beautiful country with amazing people. So happy I found this store; especially for the rye bread and hot dogs; the best!!!

Dmitriy Ilyutovich

We love to visit Iceland. My fist stop is always for a Pilsner with everything. I have to order at least one per day. The lamb is also awesome. I am American but my wife is Icelandic. I am 77 years old and would love to bring my wife back home. She loves her homeland and would like to return to visit family and friends!

Bud Leffled

What a beautiful country and wonderful store!

Debi Blocker

Please enter me in the competition! We would love to go to Iceland and visit the countryside, people, sheep and knitters! Thank you so much!! Alison

Alison Glass

I just ordered lysi so i truly hope i have been entered to win.. tak fryir 🇦🇽

David Garcia

Iceland is spectacular. I’d love to go back!

Linda Stern

Love this store!!

Lisa Piccirilli

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