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Article: Icelandic Plötulopi wool yarn and free knitting pattern

Plötulopi unspun wool from Iceland. Lopi. Free knitting pattern.

Icelandic Plötulopi wool yarn and free knitting pattern

Plötulopi yarn is 100% wool and is one of 7 different type of Icelandic wool yarn: Alafosslopi, Léttlopi, Bulky Lopi yarn, Kambarn, Einband and Hosuband.

What is Icelandic Plötulopi wool yarn?

Plotulopi is light and lofty unspun long-fibered Icelandic wool yarn. Plötulopi means unspun plates and it comes in 100 g plates. Plötulopi takes its name from the fact that it looks like plates, boards, or disks. Plötulopi is available in 39 colors with a variety of natural and solid colors. This historic Icelandic wool product can be used as both yarn and as spinning fiber. Extra care must be taken when working with this delicate yarn because the roving nature will cause the yarn to break if pulled tight during the knitting or crochet process. Plötulopi is usually knit holding 2-3 strands together and it is fluffy and exceptionally warm when worked into garments and is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopapeysa sweaters.

Length and weight: 300m | 100g
Plötulopi is recommend knitting with 5.5mm needles sizes.
Yarn Weight; worsted.
Fiber Care; hand wash and dry flat.

How is Plotulopi made?

Plötulopi is made from the wool of Icelandic sheep, one of the world's oldest breeds, and has been used by Icelanders from the time the Vikings settled Iceland. The wool contains two different types of hair, that serve as a natural barrier from wet and cold weather. It is the topcoat and undercoat fibers, so it's incredibly warm. However, while most of wool yarns are slightly spun, Plötulopi is entirely unspun, making it somewhat fragile. Plötulopi is even more special because of how lightweight it is, like all of Icelandic wool yarns. Plotulopi is sold in plates or wheels but not balls, skeins, or hanks. The plates are made in a bundle of 18 together at the factory, with strand coming up from middle.

What does unspun wool mean and what is the yarn called?

Unspun wool is those that have not yet gone through the spinning and plying process. Unspun wool is like a single strand Plötulopi. Generally, the wool yarn you buy is made of fibers that have been spun or twisted into strands, which are then usually plied together with other spun strands to form a yarn or thread. Wool roving generally refers to wool fiber that has been processed but not yet spun into yarn. It is used on a spinning wheel to create yarn. Wool roving is sometimes called spinning fiber or top.

Where can I buy Plötulopi online?

There is a general demand for the plotulopi wool and other wool yarn from Iceland and it is not easy to get a hold of. Certain colors have run out from the manufacturer, but we monitor the availability of the Icelandic wool yarn and we normally stock large quantities. We can let you know as soon it is stock by sending you our newsletter. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our online store; The Icelandic store, has plenty in stock. Take a look at the beautiful colors of plotulopi yarn.

What weight and size is Plötulopi wool yarn?

Plotulopi is a worsted weight yarn. Plötulopi is more like the weight of a Léttlopi but the Plötulopi is more airy and maybe somewhere in between Léttlopi and Álafosslopi. Three treads of Plötulopi is a little bit more than a Álafosslopi.

What is so great about Plötulopi?

The yarn is so airy and light easy to knit. However, the final fabric is quite strong when knitted up. It is amazing but you can make one sweater for an adult person with only 3 plates of plötulopi that is equal to 300 grams.

Is Plotulopi soft or is the wool yarn itchy?

Plotulopi wool yarn is unspun and some say it feels softer than spun Lettlopi because all of the fibers are pointed in the same direction along the “grain” of the fibers, instead of sticking out of the spun plies.
The plötulopi sweater can be very warm. The material repels water and wearing it under a coat the heat is trapped, and it feels nice and cozy. If you are sensitive to the long hair it is recommended that you wear a layer under it. Knitwear from Icelandic wool yarn is breathable, water-repellent, and durable. Will last for decades. We encourage you to give Plötulopi a try.

How do make Icelandic wool sweater, lopapeysa, softer and less itchy?

What is it like to wear traditional Icelandic lopapeysa made the unspun yarn of Plötulopi? The wool softens with washing and wearing. The most experience knitter soak the sweater first time in lukewarm water with soap so the fibers will relax and soften and the second time with a high-quality hair conditioner. Many have said they were able to soften their wool by soaking it twice.

What is the difference between Plotulopi and Lettlopi?

Plotulopi is unspun wool yarn and and when used double, two plies, it is equivalent of Léttlopi. It's exactly the same fiber, but half the weight and unspun. The Icelandic wool sweaters, lopapeysa, are popular when knitted with Léttlopi but did you know that you can also use Plötulopi and it is even softer.

How do you knit with unspun wool yarn like Plötulopi

We want to provide you with some tips and tricks for knitting with Plötulopi unspun yarn like. It can be challenging to knit with Plötulopi but when you know the tricks it is really easy. Since Plotulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit; however, due to the length of its fibres, it knits into a sweater that is both sturdy and soft. It is important to pay attention to how you tension your unspun yarn. We recommend the knitting technique that permits control with very loose tension.
A single strand of Plötulopi is very delicate and may seem weak and can easily be torn apart but the yarn can be strengthened by twisting it lightly. The unspun yarn is actually very strong yarn and that is because of the longer wool hair of the sheep that keeps the thread strong. Because of Plötulopi unspun nature, it is the most fragile Icelandic wool yarn and can be used as a single strand, held doubled or tripled, or carried with another Icelandic wool yarn, like Einband or Léttlopi. You can wind the required number of strands gently together into a ball by taking the end from the center and the end from the outside of the plate, or plates.
You can knit directly from the Plötulopi plate in single strand of unspun Plotulopi you can make very light sweaters, shawls, and scarves. Knitting Plötulopi unspun yarn with 2-ply is ideal for typical Icelandic pullovers, jackets, scarves, hats, and mittens and with 3- and 4-ply for coats and blankets.
Plötulopi is also great for felting, hand spinning and many other things.

Can you mix Plötulopi with other wool yarn?

You can blend Plötulopi with other Icelandic wool yarns. Einband or Léttlopi are frequently paired with Plötulopi. Plötulopi can be strengthened by twisting it lightly or by knitting it with one strand of Einband wool yarn.
You can also use two plates of Plötulopi in the same color or in defferent colors to create a stronger yarn with endless color or variations.
By doubling or tripling strands of Plötulopi, you can use this light and airy yarn in place of Léttlopi or Álafosslopi.

What to do when knitting and crocheting with Plötulopi and it breaks?

Plötulopi is known to break easily but as well is so easy to put the treads together again. You just overlap the end of two treads side by side and roll them into a single tread.

Can you make Plötulopi yarn stronger?

Plötulopi can be strengthened by twisting it lightly. You can also use 2 threads when knitting and it is good to take them from the center of the wool plate and as well as from the outer part of the plate. And you can wind it and twist it together and roll it into a ball.
Holding two strands together makes the yarn stronger and easier to knit. You can also use three strands and also four strands.
The Icelandic wool yarn, Einband or Léttlopi, are frequently paired with Plötulopi to make the wool yarn stronger.

Free Plötulopi knitting patterns

For centuries, the Icelanders have been knitting with wool yarn and it has deep roots in Icelandic history. The possibilities are endless when we look into what can be created using the Plötulopi. Here are some suggestions for you to get your creative juices flowing.
Here are some free knitting patterns

Here are very popular men's, women and children knitting patterns made in Plötu Lopi wool yarn.

Knitting pattern for men's sweaters
Knitting pattern for women sweaters
Knitting pattern for children's sweaters

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Can I buy hanks of unspun wool and is there a colour range or would I mix the colours as I knit? I have had an Icelandic hat for many years which I love.
I got it from a friend in Scotland. I want to knit a blended style jumper for my husband


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