Icelandic Lettlopi wool yarn and free knitting pattern

Léttlopi yarn is 100% wool and is one of 7 different type of Icelandic wool yarn: Alafosslopi, Plotulopi, Bulky Lopi yarn, Kambarn, Einband and Hosuband.

There is a high demand for this unique lite wool lopi from Iceland, but we make sure knitters who love wool will be the first to know how and when to get the wool yarn you are looking for.

Do you want to make a knitter happy then make sure you give him at least one of the available free wool knitting patterns made from lettlopi lite yarn?

Léttlopi wool yarn

What is Icelandic lett lopi?

Léttlopi, also known as Lite Lopi, is the lightweight product of the Icelandic sheep. It is half the weight of the Álafoss lopi and is made of two strands of unspun lopi slightly twisted together. Without a doubt it is 100% Icelandic wool, and it has not been blended with any other fibers. Lett lopi yarn produces garments that are comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for Icelandic-style jerseys, hats, mittens, scarves and blankets. And of course your own idea of wool design.

Where Can I Buy Lettlopi Online?

There is a high demand for the lett lopi and other wool yarn from Iceland and it is not easy to get a hold of. Certain colors have run out from the manufacturer, but we monitor the availability of the Icelandic wool yarn and we normally stock large quantities. We can let you know as soon it is stock by sending you our newsletter. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our online store; The Icelandic store, has plenty in stock. Take a look at the beautiful colors of Lettlopi yarn we have in the store.

How many colors are there for lett lopi yarn?

Lettlopi wool has an outstanding variety of colors and is perfect for knitting warm Icelandic sweaters, gloves, scarves  and hats. There is a beautiful range of natural deep color collection with undyed shades, accompanied with both bright and muted colors that has origins in the Icelandic culture.  

Examples of Color pallets

What weight and size is Lett lopi yarn?

Each ball of Lett-Lopi yarn is 50g or 100 meters and is a worsted to aran weight yarn. Lettlopi wool yarn is approximately half the thickness of heavyweight Alafoss lopi, so we recommend knitting with 4.5mm or 5.5mm needles sizes.

Is Lettlopi wool yarn itchy?

Lett lopi yarn is spun from the double-layered fleece of Icelandic sheep that has spent 1100 years in Iceland and has adapted to its cold and wet climate.

The lett lopi is a yarn of character and feels rustic wool and some do not find Léttlopi comfortable to wear next to skin. With a rustic appearance and rough to the touch, it softens and relaxes after the first wash

What is it like to wear a Icelandic sweater made of lettlopi wool?

The lett lopi sweater can be very warm. The material repels water and wearing it under a coat the heat is trapped, and it feels nice and cozy. If you are sensitive to the long hair it is recommended that you wear a layer under it. On the other hand it does soften with use and with gentle washing it even gets very soft.

Knitwear from Icelandic wool yarn is breathable, water-repellent and durable. Will last for decades. We encourage you to give Léttlopi a try. 

Free Léttlopi knitting patterns

We love knitting with Lett lopi wool yarn. For centuries, the Icelanders have been knitting with wool yarn and it has deep roots in Icelandic history.  There is a high demand for the Icelandic Lopi yarns and certain colors have run out from the wool manufacturer in Iceland. We monitor the situation daily and we deliver the yarns we can get our hands on.

Unfortunately, we do not always have all the Lettlopi colors available in stock. But for now, we do have plenty of these popular colors. Hopefully these are your favorites. If you need help selecting alternate colors, we'd be happy to help you with that. We have professional Icelandic knitters that love to assist you.


Here are some popular free knitting patterns.

Here are very popular men's, women and children knitting patterns made in Lett Lopi wool yarn.


Knitting pattern for men's sweaters

Riddari brown and green wool sweater patterns

Jón wool sweater knitting pattern kit

Wingbeats knitting pattern for grey and rust sweaters

Goði wool sweater knitting pattern kit


Knitting pattern for women sweaters

Ranga black knitting pattern

Anniversary sheep black wool sweater

Fjör - Colorful sweater for women

Bylgja purple wool sweater

Bylgja Grey knitting

Grey Gola wool sweater

Hind sweater 


Knitting pattern for childrens sweaters

Knitting pattern for children

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