Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products, if you have other questions, please just send it to shop(\a/)

Are your sweaters made in Iceland ?

Yes! We never, ever, compromise when it comes to quality of craftsmanship and authenticity of our sweaters. All our sweaters are made here in Iceland. No exeptions!

I found another store selling Icelandic sweaters for much less

Sadly many, if not most, of our competitors have begun making their "Icelandic" sweaters in China and other places with cheap labor. Statements like "Designed in Iceland" or "Made from Icelandic wool" are usually telltale of such production, but also a very different level of quality not seen until to late. A good way to spot China made products is the price. A knitted sweater takes a skilled knitter about 20 hours to make. If you can find a hand knitted Icelandic sweater under 200 USD it is most likely not made in Iceland and the quality is probably in accordance .

What if I need different measures for my sweater?

That's no problem. If you require a custom size just let us know. There is no extra charge unless material and shipping weight is greatly increased.You can also play around with the colors at you own will

Do I need to open an account to order from The Icelandic Store ?

You can shop at without creating an account. However, if you register your free account, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of for example track your orders and review past purchases and save your billing and shipping information so you can shop even quicker next time you visit

I can't find the product I'm looking for

We offer a great selection of products but sometimes they may not be available online. If you send us a message we will most likely be able to accommodate you

I can't find my tracking info

If you have your tracking number you can use the tracking at DHL Express 
and The Icelandic Post ; 
If you did not receive a tracking number please contact us and we will get that sorted out.