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Knitting with Plotulopi

If you have ever worn a sweater made of regular wool and though it was warm, then you have never experienced the feeling of a warm sweater. The property that gives this wool its warmth is the unkempt nature of the threads. The strands are taken directly from the winding wheel for purposes of knitting. The result is a sweater that has threads which are aligned in all possible directions creating the warming effect. It is no longer necessary to layer items of clothing together during the cold season as this single layer of sweater is enough to keep away the cold. For a long time it was not understood how the residents of Iceland survived in the cold, until the special breed sheep were discovered.

If you want to create a very thick yarn, then you can work with two strands of the Plotulopi Wool Yarn. The end result of this is going to be an extra warm garment that can be worn comfortable to fight the winter cold. For effective pairing, it is recommended to take a strand from the center of the ball of yarn and the other end from the outer ends covering the plates. The number of strands you choose to use for knitting will depend on the function of the item that you intend to create. The bottom line is that all heavy duty items with regard to warmth requirements should be made using the Plotulopi Wool Yarn.

Plotulopi Wool Yarn originates from the Icelandic sheep breed which produces fleece with extraordinarily long fibers. No other sheep breed in the world has been known to produce this kind of fleece. For making coats and blankets use 3 or 4 ply strands of this yarn for the best results. Blending of these fibers is not recommended because blends lower the quality of the superior fiber. It is always better to buy yarn in bulk even if you will not use all of it at once. Remember that winter is not just a onetime occurrence but a season of the year that you will have to prepare for every time. The best approach is to identify which color you as a family buy often and then stock many yarns of this color.

Plotulopi Wool Yarn is easy to knit but if you have no time, you can either buy readymade cloth items or engage the services of an experienced individual. The rough look of this thread may appear unpleasant when knitting begins but the beauty and form of the garment takes shape as you progress.


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I have knitted a colourwork sweater with Plötulopi and increased my needles size for the colourwork section. This was a mistake on my part, as it was my first time knitting a colourwork sweater and I used Plötulopi. I did n’t realize that I would not tighten my work as usual and this has increased the yoke depth. Is there a way for to to shrink my sweater once I have finished knitting it? I used one strand of Plötulopi for the entire sweater.

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Debbie Maurice September 10, 2020

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