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Article: Wool does not change: how it is knitted does

Wool does not change: how it is knitted does

We all know that wool yarn is warm but it is only after working with Icelandic wool yarn that you realize that all wool is not the same. The major characteristic of wool that makes it highly marketable is its nature. Wool is a natural fiber and just like cotton and silk, has the ability to be warm and keep the skin breathing at the same time. As the seasons change, we seek fabrics that will help us to get by without forcing us to lose our individuality. Icelandic wool has been used since the dawn of the 8th century and its functionality and superior qualities has made it a timeless fashion raw material.

Wearing clothes should not be a burden and that is why we go about our daily activities oblivious of the fact that we have clothes. When it comes to Icelandic wool yarn the sweaters made out of it are not only warm but of low weight. These are classic pieces to be worn during the winter but how cool is it that you can wear a heavy sweater without actually feeling like you are wearing one. With Icelandic wool yarn, it is possible to have an indoor garment made of wool, an outdoor garment made of the same material and still maintain the suitability of the various occasions.

The colors of Icelandic wool yarn have evolved with the time and it is no longer reserved to the neutral colors. Whatever color of sweater you want to wear, you will always find it in the color you want. If not, then you will find it in a color that you can mix and match with.

Accessories like scarves do not have to be made of silk as the main material. Did you know that you can now find a light shawl that is made of wool? There are Icelandic wool yarn types that are single ply and very fine. Using them in their natural state results in the classy lacy garments though we could also blend them with heavier types to produce a heavier garment.

While our great grandparents used their hands to produce virtually everything they used from food to clothes, technology has made life easy for us today. Technology has made it possible for us to select designs of the Icelandic wool yarn sweaters we want and even pay from the comfort of our homes. It is true that when you want something done perfectly, do it yourself but not with lopi wool products.

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Ich bitte dringend um Hilfe. Ich habe von einer Bekannten Wolle geschenkt bekommen und weiss nicht wie ich die verarbeiten soll, Es ist Lopi Iceland Fleece. Ich habe 6 schöne
,dicke Knäuel in hellgrau. Welche Nadelstärke brache ich und wie soll es gewaschen werden? Wie ist die Lauflänge? Viele Fragen auf einmal und ich sage jetzt schon .Dankeschön und liebe Grüße Hilla

Hilla Vahsen

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