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Alafoss Blankets - Icelandic Wool Blankets

Alafoss Classic Blankets

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Alafoss Léttlopi Blankets

Álafoss Lopi - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Alafoss One Color Blankets

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Alrún - Bindrune Bracelets

Alrún - Bindrune earrings

Alrún - Steel Pendants

Alrún Baby Blankets

Alrún Blankets

Appolo Liquirce

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Blue Lagoon

Bulky Lopi - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Circular Knitting Needles

Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Cotton Bedding Set

Crochet Hooks

Cushion Covers

Double Ended Knitting Needles

Dried Fish

EGF - BIOeffect

Egils Appelsin Orange Soda drink from Iceland

Egils Malt Extract

Einband - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Einrúm - Special Blend Icelandic Yarn

Felting Wool


Fish Oil Capsules

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Freyja Candy

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Geislar - Wooden souvenirs

Góa Chocolate

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Hosuband - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Icelandic Alafoss Landscape Wool Blankets

Icelandic Alafoss tartan wool blankets

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Kambgarn - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Kata Felting

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Kidka Horse Pattern Blankets

Kidka Icelandic Map Pattern Blankets

Kidka Icelandic sweaters

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Kidka Puffin Pattern Blankets

Knitting Kit - Sweaters for Men

Knitting kit with Lettlopi for women

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Knitting kits - Sweaters for Children

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Léttlopi - Custom Colors

Léttlopi - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Liquid Cod Liver Oil

Local Icelelandic Food | What we really eat up here in the North

Long-Sleeve T-shirt with Wool sweater pattern

Lopi Color Cards

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Men's Cardigans

Men's Custom Made Sweaters

Men's Hooded Sweaters

Men's Pullovers - Icelandic Sweaters

Men's Sweaters

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MOSA Mjúkull by Gusta

National Apron Costume

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Noi Sirius Chocolate

Nordic Herringbone Blankets - Alrún

Nordic Love Blankets - Alrún

Nordic Strength Blankets - Alrun

Ombre Wool Blankets - Alrun

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omnom Chocolate


PENZIM® Skincare Gel & Lotion

Plötulopi - Icelandic Wool Yarn

Posters from Iceland

Pyropet - Icelandic design Candles Reindeer and dragon

Saltverk - Flaky Sea Salt

Sambó Candy

Scent of Iceland - Icelandic Candles

Shark liver oil capsules

Shawls & Scarves

Sóley Organics

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Spuni - Superwash

The Icelandic Hot Dog

UNA Skincare

Varma Blankets - Warmth of Iceland

Viking Bindrunes

Villimey Icelandic organic skincare cosmetics products

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