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Icelandic Yule Lad - Meathook

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St. Thorlák's Day, 23 December, is the day of Meat Hook's arrival.

Meat Hook or Ketkrókur, was crazy about meat. In the old days he would lower a long stick through the chimney and snag a smoked leg of lamb hanging from the rafters, or a piece of smoked lamb from the pot. In those days the smoked lamb, which is traditional Icelandic Christmas fare, was cooked on St. Thorlák's Day.

Meat Hook, the twelfth one,
his talent would display
as soon as he arrived
on Saint Thorlak's Day
He snagged himself a morsel
of meet of any sort,
although his hook at times was
a tiny bit short.

Meet the 13 Yule lads and their parents

The Yule Lads originated from Icelandic folklore and were portrayed as mischievous trolls that steal food and livestock and scare the children in Iceland.
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You can get Christmas figurines with the 13 Icelandic Yule Lads here to decorate your home.
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There are also a set of  Yule Lad-themed Christmas decorations and ornaments for you to decorate your Christmas tree or other things to hang them on.


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Icelandic Yule Lad - Meathook -Ketkrókur -

Icelandic Yule Lad - Meathook

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Icelandic Yule Lad - Meathook -Ketkrókur -
Icelandic Yule Lad - Meathook Sale price$23.99