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Icelandic Flatbread - Flatkökur

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Flatkaka, Flatkökur, Flatbrauð or Rye Flatbread

Icelandic Flatbread or Flatkaka is a traditional Icelandic flatbread. Flatbread used to be made exclusively from rye and water, but nowadays, wheat flour is usually added to the blend. Flatkaka is soft, round, thin and dark with a characteristic pattern from the pan.

Weight: One flatbread 95 gr
Size:  18 cm wide
Package: 10 pieces of Flatkaka - 950gr

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How to eat flatkökur?
The most common way to eat flatbread is to cut it in half, add some butter and a slice of smoked lamb, hangikjöt. You can also try to eat them with butter and cheese, Icelandic paté (kæfa), pickled herring or smoked salmon or other toppings. However, until the mid-20th century, the common practice was to enjoy them buttered as a side dish.

The expiry date Icelandic flatbread?
Flat bread will last about 5 to 7 days in the pantry,  at normal room temperature, and up to 3 months if you store it in the freezer. 

Where to buy the Icelandic flatbread?
The Icelandic flatbread can be bought here, at The Icelandic Store. We wrap it safely and bring it to your doorstep by DHL Express.

Ingredients: Wheat, water, rye flour, oat flour, rapeseed oil, salt, raising agents (E450, E500), preservatives (E282), and coconut oil.

Nutritional value per 100 gr:
Energy (kJ) 989
Energy (kcal) 236
Fat (g) 2,5
– of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0.3
Carbohydrates (g) 44,9
– of which types of sugar (g) 0,5
Fiber (g)    2,9
Protein (g) 6,4
Salt (g) 1,2

You can also have the Icelandic rye bread, rúgbrauð.

Pickup available at Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Usually ready in 24 hours

Icelandic Flatbread - Flatkökur - The Icelandic Store

Icelandic Flatbread - Flatkökur

10 Pieces

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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221 Hafnarfjordur

Icelandic Flatbread - Flatkökur - The Icelandic Store
Icelandic Flatbread - Flatkökur Sale price$20.00