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Article: How do you measure the size of a wool sweater jumper?

How do you measure the size of a wool sweater jumper?

How do you measure the size of a wool sweater jumper?

We will guide you through the essential steps to accurately measure the size of the Icelandic wool sweater jumper. From chest and sleeve measurements and how to measure the length of a sweater, to understanding the proper fit. By following these steps, you'll attain the know-how to find the ideal traditional Icelandic wool sweater that fits like a dream.

How do you know what size cardigan or pullover sweater to get?

We know it may seem confusing to buy online a one-of-a-kind Icelandic wool sweater. How do you know what size sweater you are? How do measure a cardigan, jumper sweater to choose the right size? How do you measure the armlength and chest size of an Icelandic pullover wool sweater? How should a sweater fit a woman and is there a difference in men’s sweater sizes measurements?
Sizing can vary so it is important to spend a little time finding the correct size. All the wool sweaters, Lopapeysa, made by The Icelandic Store, are made of Icelandic wool and are handknitted in Iceland. All our knitters are experts in their craft. That means that every sweater has its own character and you are receiving different sweaters from different knitters. Some may find the wool sweaters expensive but considering the quality of the sweater and the fact they are handmade in Iceland.

3 Essential Sizing Guide for Wool Sweaters

We recommend that you measure a wool jumper that you currently own and like the fit. You should lay it on a flat surface and any wrinkles are smoothed out to get accurate measurements. Bear in mind whether the sweater you're measuring shares similar fabric characteristics, such as thickness, drape, and stretch. Additionally, check the size chart provided by the Icelandic wool sweater you're interested in, as the sweaters may have slight variations in sizing.
There are three important things to consider when measuring the size of a wool sweater: (A) Width of the chest, (B) lenght and (C) length of arms.

How to measure sweater chest width (A)

(A) Is the WIDTH of the sweater measured just below the armpits. To find the chest size measurements of the sweater is to measure across the front of the jumper from one armpit seam to the other armpit. Don‘t pull on the sweater in any direction.
Another way to measure is to put measuring tape around your chest and under your armpits. Since you need to have your hands down by your side you should consider getting some assistance. This method gives you the circumference so divide the number by two and you have your width.

How to measure the overall length of sweater (B)

(B) Lenght to neck. To get an accurate sizing of how long the sweater should fit you. Generally measured from the collarbone to the waistline. If you are measuring a sweater, you already own just measure from the top to bottom.

How to measure length of the sleeves (C)

(C) Sweater Sleeve Length. To measure the length of the arm of a jumper. Measured from the armpit to the wrist bone. Same goes for a sweater you would measure. Measure from the armpit to end of sleeve.

How do you measure the size of a wool sweater jumper? Men´s and women's sizes

Custom made Icelandic wool cardigan and pullover sweaters

When ordering a tailor-made Icelandic wool sweater, or one that is not in stock, keep in mind that we need to add some time to the delivery time. If you want to deviate from the size table, let‘s say add longer sleeves or have the sweater length shorter. Go ahead and order a tailor-made sweater and include your requested measurements. They cost the same unless there is a considerable addition to the work we need to do or add a lot of material.

What is an traditional Icelandic wool sweater?

An Icelandic lopapeysa is a traditional handknitted wool sweater originating from Iceland. It is known for its distinctive design, that features intricate patterns of stranded colorwork and the use of natural, undyed wool. The sweater is made of Icelandic sheep wool that is ideal for Iceland's harsh weather conditions. The sweaters are knitted in Iceland, by experienced knitters, mostly retired and nice elderly Icelandic women, who use traditional techniques and materials to create these unique and beautiful garments. The lopapeysa is considered a symbol of Icelandic culture and heritage, and it is widely popular both in Iceland and around the world as a traditional handcrafted garment.

How much does a lopapeysa cost in Iceland

When buying a handmade wool sweater from The Icelandic store you are supporting the local artisans and the traditional craft of knitting and helping to keep the tradition alive in Iceland. This allows you to support the local economy and helps to preserve the traditional techniques and practices of Icelandic wool crafts.
All the sweaters are made of 100% Icelandic wool, and it takes over 20 hours to make one. And there is no doubt that Icelandic sweaters are of good quality and one of the warmest, most durable pieces of clothing you will ever own.
The cost of a Lopapeysa sweater in Iceland can vary, depending on several factors such as the size, design, and material. However, on average, you can expect to spend between 50.000 to 70,000 Icelandic Kronur (ISK) for a traditional Lopapeysa sweater.

If you are unsure of anything regarding ordering, measuring or you just have any questions you feel you need to have answered before you make and order, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do our very best to assist you.

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Hi love your jumper knitting patterns but my husband is at least a 3xl and your patterns don’t go up to this size – so you produce of MENS jumpers to fit 3xl (uk size)

Jean Marie Hayes

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