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Article: 4 tips on how to store your Icelandic wool sweater – Lopapeysa

4 tips on how to store your Icelandic wool sweater – Lopapeysa

4 tips on how to store your Icelandic wool sweater – Lopapeysa

This is your ultimate guide to preserving Icelandic wool sweaters and how to store and protect them for a lifetime

Do you live in a climate with distinct seasons and are wondering how to store winter clothes in the summer and off season. Wool in general, and wool sweaters as well, can be sensitive to heat. When you are not using your sweater is vulnerable to mold, dust and clothes moths.
To guarantee that your wool sweaters will last a lifetime it is important to store them properly. If you keep it clean and dry while it's in storage, it'll typically stay in good shape. Sweaters should be stored in a cool, dry place, ideally in an area with good air circulation. Keep sweaters away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity as this can cause damage. Here is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable insights on how to store and protect your Icelandic wool sweaters.

1. Thorough Hand Washing and Proper Drying Guide

Cleaning your wool sweater before storing is important. Even if the wool looks clean, you don’t want any odors or bacteria to remain trapped in the fibers during storage. So, make sure you clean your sweater thoroughly by hand washing it at home. Additionally, make sure the sweater is completely dry before storing to avoid any potential musty smell development. You will find detailed instructions here on how to handwash and dry your wool sweater.

2. Preserving Wool Sweater Breathability, Shape, and Wrinkle Prevention

After cleaning and drying the sweaters, it's time to store them for the summer. Wool is naturally breathable and is an active fiber that reacts to changes in temperature, and it also has a natural resistance to odors.
The best way to protect your wool sweaters as best in storage is to fold them as it helps keep their shape and prevents wrinkles. Don’t hang your wool sweaters as the weight of the fabric will cause them to stretch and lose shape.

3. Three Breathable Container Options for wool sweaters storage

Putting your wool sweaters away for the summer, make sure to store them in natural, breathable storage containers or fabric bags, as wool sweaters need to breathe. Avoid plastic bags or airtight containers, as they can trap moisture and lead to mildew or odors.

1. We recommend a breathable cotton or linen storage bag for your wool sweater. If you have a breathable sweater storage bag it is ideal to keep the sweater there.

2. Another option is storage boxes and bins made of cotton. Because these bins are made of cotton, wool sweaters can breathe while keeping dust and pests out. Not only are your clothes protected from moths and dust, but they also take up less space.

3. The third option is to use boxes made of cedar wood, cedar chests. The natural oils in the wood act as an insect repellent, preventing any moths from entering.

4. Places for long term storage of your wool sweater

The best way to store wool sweaters for long term is to pick a dry and cool environment that will help prevent moths from ruining wool sweaters. Consider storing sweaters in an area of the home with good air circulation. It may not be ideal to store your winter garments in the basement because the chance of excess moisture may be high. Preferably in a closet or the attic where the sweaters will not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat and humidity is best.
When it is time to take the wool sweaters back out from storage, it is good to give each item a shake and air it out before we fold it and put it back in the closet for use in colder periods.

By following these storage guidelines, you can help preserve your 100% wool sweater and keep it in excellent condition.

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