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Article: Jöklalopi - Icelandic Super Bulky Wool Yarn and Knitting Patterns

Jöklalopi - Icelandic Super Bulky Wool Yarn and Knitting Patterns

Jöklalopi - Icelandic Super Bulky Wool Yarn and Knitting Patterns

Jöklalopi or bulky Lopi yarn is 100% wool and is one of 7 different type of Icelandic wool yarn: Alafosslopi, Plotulopi, Léttlopi, Kambarn, Einband and Hosuband.

There is a high demand for this unique chunky wool lopi from Iceland, but we make sure knitters who love wool will be the first to know how and when to get the wool yarn you are looking for.

What is Icelandic Jöklalopi, Bulky lopi?

Jöklalopi, also known as super chunky bulky Lopi, is almost twice as thick as Álafosslopi. Jöklalopi is the thickest Icelandic wool, which makes it perfect for outdoor clothing that is supposed to keep warm. Ideal for thick chunky knitwear, blankets, or rugs. Super bulky yarn lopi is ideal for one-color garments. Because of its bulkiness, (super bulky weight single) Jöklalopi is quickly knitted, its previous name was Bulkylopi. 
It is like other Icelandic wool yarn durable, environmentally friendly, water-repellent and pleasantly warm for the body to wear. Without a doubt it is 100% Icelandic wool, and it has not been blended with any other fibers.

What weight and size is Jöklalopi yarn?

Each ball of bulky jöklalopi is 100 g (3.5 oz) and 60 meters (66 yd). Jöklalopi wool yarn is almost twice as thick as Álafosslopi, so we recommend knitting with needle sizes: 8-9 mm (US 11-13).

Is chunky the same as super bulky yarn?

Bulky, chunky, super bulky, and super chunky are terms used to describe yarn that surpasses the weight of worsted or aran yarn. Super Bulky yarn is thicker than bulky yarn and chunky weight yarn is sometimes called Bulky weight. Needle sizes for these yarns typically range from 9 to 50, with the most common size being 10.5 for chunky yarn and 15 for super bulky or super chunky yarn.

How many colors are there for Jöklalopi yarn?

Jöklalopi does not have the same color range as other Icelandic wool yarn but you can get the classic colors selection such as brown, white, black and greyish colors. Jöklalopi is available in nine natural colors and has all the good properties that Icelandic wool is known for.
If you would like other colors in your project, you could knit threads from Alafosslopi or Lettlopi together with it. Here are the colors of Jöklalopi

Where Can I Buy Jöklalopi Online?

There is a high demand for the Jöklalopi and other wool yarn from Iceland and it is not easy to get a hold of. Certain colors sometimes run out from the manufacturer, but we monitor the availability of the Icelandic wool yarn and we normally stock large quantities.
Our online store; The Icelandic store, has plenty in stock. Take a look at the beautiful colors of Jöklalopi yarn we have in the store. Colors of Jöklalopi

Jöklalopi knitting patterns

For centuries, the Icelanders have been knitting with wool yarn and it has deep roots in Icelandic history. Unfortunately, we do not always have all the Jöklalopi colors available in stock. Hopefully these are your favorites. If you need help selecting alternate colors, we'd be happy to help you with that. We have professional Icelandic knitters that love to assist you.

Here are Jöklalopi knitting pattern


My nephew visited Iceland and brought me the Villanelle – a modern lopapeysa by maja syska Pattern and yarns . My question is do I need to knit it with two strands of yarn held together or since I’m in the United States and winter is not as harsh can I just knitted with one strand? Thank you, can’t wait to start.


Hello. I am interested in the kit for one of your sweaters called Arner Icelandic Black in a 2 XL size for myself. Could you give me a sense of shipping cost to the Chicago area in the United States? I would like to support your store and buy the yarn from you if it’s reasonable to ship it. I’m fine with waiting several weeks for delivery.

The kit is listed for $69. I am new to stranded yarn knitting but have done several small projects. Now I am keen to try knitting one of your delightful sweaters. Thanks for your consideration. K

Kevin Carey

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