March 2021 - Newsletter | Earthquakes, Volcanic activities, delays and new deals from Iceland

Dear reader. We wanted to share some news from Iceland. The past few days have been interesting to say the least.

Earthquakes and possibility of a Volcanic eruption
There's never a dull moment in the land of Ice and Fire. For the last few days we have been having earthquakes up to 5.7 on the Richter scale a few times a day. The source is around 17km from our house so we have been feeling them around the clock and regularly waking up thinking the house is going to fall apart. On top of that we got news yesterday that there is a 50/50 chance of a volcanic eruption, practically in our back yard, that can start any time between now and a few weeks from now. The good news is that it would most likely be a small, slow flowing eruption and it would not pose a significant danger to anyone living near it (us). We have our fingers crossed.
We often joke around since we practically beat Covid-19, what´s next.... a volcano going off.... I guess the joke's on us.

Tailor made sweaters and pre-orders
Our looong line of tailor made sweaters and pre-orders is now getting shorter every day. As we mentioned in our last newsletter the increase in orders in November and December was huge and we have been experiencing delays in delivery. We receive a lot of emails from customers checking up on their order status and if you are still waiting for an Icelandic sweater please know that we are working as hard and fast as we can to fulfill every order.
Some sweaters have been delayed more than others and the reason is simply that the yarn we need to make them has not been produced for a while and once we get it back in stock we will start full force making those sweaters again. We have been facing a lot of new hurdles this season and we hope you bear with us while we claw our way through.

Álafoss wool yarn production delays
A lot of our customers have pre-ordered Álafoss yarn with our store. We have been informed by the manufacturer that there will be a roughly two weeks delay on the production and therefore orders that were meant to ship in late February or beginning of March will be delayed until at least the middle of March. Please note that we do not control the production of this yarn and have no control over the timeframes given to us. We will most likely be with the very first companies in the world to receive this product as soon as it rolls of the production line so if you have this yarn on backorder you can count on receiving it as soon as we can ship it. If you have both Léttlopi and Álafoss yarn in your pre-order you can request to ship them separately for a small added shipping fee.

Villimey skin care products
We recently came in contact with the owner of the skincare company Villimey. We have been selling their products for years, simply because we love their products and use them every day ourselves. Without ever having direct contact with the owners we just bought the products in a local store if they were ordered and shipped them without any real profit. We have now started stocking these products and are able to offer them on better prices and include shipping. If you would like to take the opportunity there is a link below. We will gladly vouch for the awesomeness of these products.

From Iceland with love
Stella & Orri

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