April 2021 - Newsletter | Volcanic eruption, Win a trip to Iceland and some other shameless plugs

Hi all, greeting from the land of Fire and Ice.

As you may or may not know we have had a volcanic eruption in our back yard, so to speak. We have both hiked to the the eruption site and we have overflown it on numerous occasions. There are no words to describe the raw power of mother nature. It‘s simply mind blowing, feeling and hearing the roars of craters up close. Seeing the lava slowly flow like a river of fire, laying waste to everything in its path. And experts are predicting that this eruption will last for a few years! If you want to see some incredible photos of the eruption then check out our friends gallery here.

Inspired by this event and our experience with it we thought we might try something new. We allocate a budget towards Google Ads which we are going to use differently for the next few months. We are going to randomly select one order made from and including 27.March to 30.June and give away a TRIP TO ICELAND! 

Fine print:

- Orders for $100 and more, made from and including 01.April 2021 - 30.June 2021 will be eligible. 
- Included:
-- Gift certificate from Icelandair for 100.000 ISK (~$1.000) and airport pickup.
-- 2 hour sightseeing flight over the Volcano, Geysir and Gullfoss.
-- Guided tour to the Volcanic site or around the Golden Circle (your pick) 

* You will be responsible accommodation while staying in Iceland
* We can not guarantee that the volcano will still be active upon your arrival
* You will be responsible for complying with any regulation regarding Covid-19
* The gift card will have a two year time limit of use

Alafoss yarn update.
According to our latest information from Istex, they will start producing Álafoss yarn on the 6th of April. Customers who have pre-ordered yarn, we hope to start shipping orders soon after. We off course do not control the production of this yarn but we are most likely going to be among the first to receive it from the manufacturer.

Custom orders and tailor made sweaters.
List of tailor made sweaters is getting smaller every week. We are now working on the very last orders made before Christmas so we hope to have cleared our to-do list in April. If you are one of those still waiting, again we must apologize for the delay and just be sure that no one will be forgotten. Sweaters made of Álafoss yarn will back in production as soon as we get the yarn back in April. 

Covid-19 effects on shipping time.
DHL have been doing a fantastic job and they are delivering in 2-3 days in most cases. The same can not be said about the normal post delivery and there have been severe delays in delivery. If you are making and order anytime soon we recommend using DHL even if they are a little more expensive (which is not always the case)

Closing in on Customer number 10.000! 
If we were Amazon or Ebay this might not be a big deal. But for a micro sized company like ours this is a huge event. What started out with a simple website, made on an old laptop during a month of unemployment in 2013 has literally exploded in our hands and we are having a hard time keeping up with orders. This has been a wild ride so far and we thank you all for making it happen.

Ok, now for some shameless plugs for ourselves (sorry)

We simply can not recommend this product enough. We have been using their products ourselves and on our kids for years. All natural ingredients, made by a family on the east fjords of Iceland and they simply work wonders! We ship them free of charge anywhere in the world.

Icelandic hand made Sweaters:
We are slowly recovering from a totally crazy Christmas season and knitters are becoming more and more available for new projects. If you are planning on buying an Icelandic sweater now might be the time. As usual we offer you to play around with colors and patterns at no extra cost. We also have some new designs that might be worth your time to look at.

With warm regards from Iceland
Orri & Stella

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Thanks for sharing so much in this newsletter. It makes me miss Iceland that much more. People always see the products I purchased from your business and ask about Iceland as we live and are from New York City. Please know all sorts of people wear and use your products, which is cool. We are a Black, British, Irish, and German mixed family. I get my second Covid vaccine Monday as I work for the U.S. Army. I will be so happy to return to Iceland very shortly. Thank you and awesome work!

Honie Marie Glabach March 30, 2021

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