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Article: The Icelandic Hot Dog: Everything You Need To Know About This Delicious Icelandic Favorite!

The Icelandic Hot Dog: Everything You Need To Know About This Delicious Icelandic Favorite!

The Icelandic Hot Dog: Everything You Need To Know About This Delicious Icelandic Favorite!

What’s so special about the Icelandic hot dog? 

It may seem a bit odd to dedicate an entire blog post specifically to a type of hot dog. However, if you have ever tried an Icelandic hot dog, then you surely can understand why we would! The Icelandic hot dog is one of the most popular ‘fast food’ options amongst both Icelandic natives and foreign visitors, alike. The Icelandic hot dog can be enjoyed as a snack or even as a full entrée. No matter when or how you eat this delectable food item, your tastebuds will surely be blown away! Here, you will find out what truly makes an Icelandic hot dog such a special treat for people all around the world. 
The Icelandic Hot Dog

What is the Icelandic hot dog made out of?

What mainly sets the Icelandic hot dog apart from other hot dogs is what it is made out of and what is inside of it! This particular hot dog is made out of a combination of Icelandic lamb, pork, and beef and not just regular lamb, pork, and beef. These ingredients are all organic, grass fed, and hormone free, making them incredibly clean and pristine ingredients that are used within each Icelandic hot dog, allowing you to truly taste the difference. These specialized hot dogs are also made with natural casings, which make them pop whenever you bite into them! The well picked ingredients, along with the intense flavor of each component used, makes the Icelandic hot dog a treat you can never truly forget the taste of.

What do they put on hot dogs in Iceland?

In America, the main condiments that are placed on top of a hot dog are usually ketchup, mustard, and sometimes relish. Now, while this may excite the taste buds of Americans everywhere, these condiments have absolutely nothing on the tasteful condiments that are used on the Icelandic hot dog! When you order and receive your Icelandic hot dog, it will be served to you on a steaming bun. Now, what’s on top is what makes it really special and delicious. This hot dog is topped with raw white onions, crispy fried onions, ketchup, and two sauces that are native to Iceland. These two sauces, pylsusinnep, which is a sweet brown mustard, and remoulade, which is made up of mayo, capers, mustard, and a mixture on intensely flavored herbs, give the hot dog an intense flavor, unlike any other hot dog that you have ever eaten before! Even though the combination of these condiments might seem unfamiliar and weird at first, your mouth and its taste buds will thank you after you’ve had your first bite. Now, there are a myriad of different variations that you can come up with to include on your hot dog, but you haven’t eaten a true Icelandic hot dog until you’ve had one with everything on top of it!

How to cook the Icelandic hot dogs

You may wonder how the Icelandic hot dogs is cooked? Bring a pot of water to boil and then remove from stove. Put the hot dogs into the hot water and wait a minute. Don’t boil your pylsur otherwise they will lose all the flavor of the delicious meat. For extra flavor put in 1 cup of pilsner/beer into the pot along with the hot dogs. 
Alternatively, you can grill your pylsur by simply throw it on the grill and cook it like you would any other hot dog, and you’re done!
Warm the buns in an oven for a minute or two, just to soften them.

How should you eat your Icelandic hot dog?

In the United States, hot dogs are a food item that is strictly supposed to be enjoyed at certain sporting events and on holidays where a cook out or barbeque celebration is entirely necessary to truly commemorate the occasion. This is quite different when compared to how the citizens of Iceland think of hot dogs. To Icelandic citizens, hot dogs are a gourmet, yet low priced food item that is enjoyed on a daily basis and at any time throughout the day. You will find business men, mothers, and children who were just released from school enjoying an Icelandic hot dog for lunch, an early dinner, or even for a midmorning snack! When you decide to order an Icelandic hot dog, it will most likely be served to you in a cardboard boat or just modestly wrapped up in a piece of wax paper. Get ready to grab a lot of napkins because eating this bad boy can become quite messy. You might want to think about devouring your Icelandic hot dog near the location that you ordered it because you’ll definitely want to go back for seconds!

How can you order your Icelandic hot dog? 

When you are ordering your Icelandic hot dog, it may be easier to order if you know how say the order in Iceland’s native language! In Iceland, natives use the phrase “ein með öllu”, which is pronounced as: ane meth alt. This phrase will get you an Icelandic hot dog with everything on it, including a few funny stares and head nods at you attempting to speak the native Icelandic language! However, if you feel uncomfortable trying to speak in Icelandic, do not fret! Almost every native Icelandic knows how to speak a little bit of the English language, allowing foreigners from all over the world to have a sense of ease when ordering an Icelandic hot dog.

Hot dogs from Iceland. Ketchup, mustard, remodadi, fried onions

Where can you buy your very own Icelandic hot dog to enjoy?

You can purchase an Icelandic hot dog almost anywhere! There are hot dog stands strategically placed in almost every city or village in Iceland, providing natives and foreigners the opportunity to order and eat an Icelandic hot dog on every single street corner! Another convenient way to order an Icelandic hot dog is through our website, Our online food shop is the perfect way for any foreigner, who cannot physically be in Iceland, to order a delicious Icelandic hot dog!

Get ready for your taste buds to taste something unlike any other food item that have ever tasted before. The Icelandic hot dog is truly a treat with an unforgettable taste!

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