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Icelandic Ketchup | Vals Hot Dog Ketchup

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If you were ever in Reykjavik and you had a hot dog at "Bæjarins Bestu" this is the ketchup you are looking for. The secret ingredient of the Icelandic hot dog. 
This ketchup has been made by the same family since 1960 and is loved by the Icelandic population. It simply is the best.

Put this on your hot dog along with fried onion and mustard and you have yourself an Icelandic Hot Dog!

Here you can get the rest of the kit. The Icelandic hot dog.

Pickup currently unavailable at Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Icelandic Ketchup | Vals Hot Dog Ketchup.  Hot dogs from Iceland

Icelandic Ketchup | Vals Hot Dog Ketchup

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup currently unavailable

Gjahellla 3

221 Hafnarfjordur