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Pre-orders sumarized

  • Pre-Order Availability: We at the Icelandic Store offer a pre-order option for our sweaters. This allows customers to place orders for sweaters that are not currently in stock.

  • Customization on Pre-Orders: When pre-ordering, customers have the flexibility to request alterations in colors and patterns at no extra cost, making each sweater more personalized.

  • Production Time: The time required to deliver a pre-ordered sweater can vary. It generally takes no less than 2 weeks and not more than 8 weeks, depending on our available knitters, seasonal demands, and other factors.

  • Craftsmanship: Our sweaters are mostly hand-knitted by retired women in Iceland who consider this a hobby. We emphasize that "happy knitters make happy sweaters," so we ensure not to rush the knitting process.

  • Authenticity and Quality: These are authentic Icelandic Lopapeysas, made from new wool sheared from Icelandic sheep and hand-knitted in Iceland, adhering to the criteria for being a protected product name by the Icelandic food and veterinary authority.

  • Ordering: When you place and order for alterations, please make sure to include your wishes in the notes section in the checkout process.