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Icelandic Upphlutur Apron Dress

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Icelandic Upphlutur Apron Dress - Red and Silver

The apron is in the spirit of the Icelandic heritage and is part of the national heritage of Icelanders. The Upphlutur is a woman's costume, consisting of bodice that can be coloured in bright colours such as red or blue, but often black. Its headpiece is a tail cap. 
The National Costume apron is embroidered in decorative stitches, with gold or silver stitches like the originally Upphlutur itself, where the pattern consists of floral and leaf wrappings.
Up until now, few people have owned the Upphlutur apron dress, but now everyone has the opportunity to wear it in the form of an apron! In addition, the apron comes is in a beautifully decorative wallet that can be used as a theather wallet.

The Icelandic National Costume ‘Þjóðbúningurinn’ symbolizes Iceland´s independence and is essential to the country´s identity.
There are five different types of women's national costumes; Skautbúningur, kyrtill, faldbúningur (“costume with hemline”), peysuföt and Upphlutur and are traditional daily wear of Icelandic women in olden times.

Size of apron: 86X66 cm
Color: Black with Red or Silver. 

The apron is woven from specially coated polyester fibers that are easy to wash.

Icelandic Upphlutur Apron Dress - The Icelandic Store
Icelandic Upphlutur Apron Dress Sale price$56.00