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Icelandic Eiderdown Duvet - American King Size

Sale price$9,890.00

Icelandic Eiderdown Duvet

The Icelandic eiderdown is the most exclusive and luxurious duvets in the world. The duvets are timeless and traditionally handcrafted in Iceland.  
The eiderdown duvet are exceptionally warm and soft and temperature-regulating all year around. Every eiderdown duvet is handmade to suit your personal needs and requirements and produced with the highest-quality and ethically-sourced materials. 
Eiderdown from Iceland is the softest and lightest down in the world. This precious, incredibly warm down is carefully hand-picked from each nest of the Eider ducks in Iceland without disturbing the natural environment. The Icelandic eiderdown is extremely rare because of its unique qualities and high insulating properties and is in great demand all over the world.

Please note that the listed price is excluding VAT and that import taxes may apply in your country of residence. 

Product Details

Icelandic eiderdown is 100% sustainable & animal-friendly. All Eiderdown duvets are custom-made to order. The eiderdown duvet is presented in a luxury cotton gift bag.
Size: 240 cm x 260 cm ( 94.5" x 103"). 
Winter Filling:  1400 g / (49.4 oz) of 100% Icelandic Eiderdown.
Cotton cover/outer layer: 100% down-proof sateen cotton, 800 thread count, from Germany.
Textile Certification: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
Cassettes/baffle boxes: Duvets are hand-stitched using a baffle-box technique. Baffle-box construction prevents eiderdown from shifting. 

Quality Certification

The Icelandic eiderdown in every duvet has gone through a thorough inspection. Quality Certificate of Inspection regarding eiderdown product, according to law nr. 52/2005 on inspection of Icelandic Eiderdown.

Ordering Process - Pre order

You place an order via our website, by e-mail; or phone. We confirm your order and start to make the duvet. All duvet are handmade and can therefore take up to 3 weeks to make. We ship the duvet fully insured with first class international shipping with DHL to your country of residence and provide you with a tracking number. Shipping can take 4-7 days depending on the destination. We aim to deliver the duvet at your doorstep at least 4 weeks from order date.

Shipping Information

All items are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit from The Icelandic Store to the shipping address. Once your items have been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed for, they are no longer covered by our insurance.
Please note that the listed price is exlcuding VAT and that import taxes may apply in your country of residence.
Please check with your local authorities before making your purchase.
If any questions arise regarding shipping, taxes, what fill to purchase or any general questions do not hesitate to contact

Duvet Buying Guide

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Icelandic Eiderdown Duvet - American King Size Sale price$9,890.00