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Article: How to clean, wash and care for Icelandic eiderdowns duvets and pillows

How to clean, wash and care for Icelandic eiderdowns duvets and pillows

How to clean, wash and care for Icelandic eiderdowns duvets and pillows

Detailed information about how to care for luxury Icelandic eiderdown duvets and pillows.

Icelandic Eiderdown is the ultimate luxury for your sleeping comfort and with the right care you can make it last for many decades. Customers have questions about how to properly care for their eiderdown duvets and want to know how to clean and wash.

Daily and monthly care of the eiderdown duvet and pillow

When receiving your eiderdown duvet and pillow it may seem a bit flat. We recommend to shake it and lay it flat and give it a couple of days and with daily use of the duvet it will puff up and stay lofty.

For daily care of the duvet it is good in the morning, when you make the bed, to hold your duvet by one end, and give it a few good shakes and fluff it and to turn the warm side of your duvet up and let it cool off after the night. This allows it to release the damp it has absorbed overnight from your body and helps it to stay fluffy and warm. It is a good idea to refrain from laying or sitting on top of it.
It is recommended to air your duvet monthly outside in dry weather for at least 30 minutes. But be aware that the moisture can damage the eiderdown. This helps minimize dust and keep the eiderdown airy.

Always use a protective duvet cover

Professionals recommend protecting your duvet with a high quality duvet cover protector. This will keep your duvet clean and protect from everyday soils and permanent staining caused by body oils. Rotate your duvet when you change your duvet cover to ensure even wear.

Can I wash my down comforter at home?

Professionals strongly advice against machine washing at home of the eiderdown duvet. Go to a specialist in eiderdown products to wash you eiderdown duvet and pillows. Professional laundering of eiderdown duvets means that it will be washed in a commercial-sized washing machine. This is a great way to have your luxury down bedding cleaned to ensure that it will be taken care of with no damage.

But if absolutely necessary to wash at home, they recommend professional gentle machine washing in a spacious machine, no smaller than 10KG washing machine, at max 40°C with a small amount high-quality down soap. After washing, it is important to fully dry the eiderdown duvet in a tumble drier on a gentle program to fluff it up.
In this cleaning process it is important that the eiderdown maintain their natural oils, as the oils keep the down elastic and extend the duvet’s lifespan.

How often can you wash a eiderdown comforter

Eiderdown should not be washed too often, Luxury eiderdown duvet are low maintenance and it is recommended that it only be washed every couple of years or even every three to five years is suggested.

How to store a eiderdown duvet and pillows

If you need to store eiderdown duvet you will need to pack it loosely and use a fabric bag. Storing our bedding products the right way is just as important as cleaning them. So if you are putting your duvet away for the summer months or changing over to a heavier one for the winter, you need to do the following.
Fold the eiderdown duvet and pillows and place it in a large cotton storage bag which allows it to breathe and doesn't compress it too much. Do not use a plastic bag as this will trap moisture.
It is important to fold your bedding correctly to protect a duvet’s integrity. But first is to remove the duvet cover. Then roll the Down duvet loosely and store them standing up. This will prevent compression and make sure none of the features get damaged. Then find a cool and dry spot to store it to prevent mold and mildew growth.

1 comment

Thank you for this info.
I bought our eider downs from a business in a fiord in Iceland about ten years ago.
We were never given care instructions.
I have treasured them as they a perfect in out winter.
Now I know how to care for them.
Many thanks Sandi Lyons


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