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Article: 8 reasons to buy Icelandic eiderdown duvet and pillow

8 reasons to buy Icelandic eiderdown duvet and pillow

8 reasons to buy Icelandic eiderdown duvet and pillow

The most exclusive and luxurious duvets in the world are filled with the softest eiderdown in existence and makes the worlds finest bedding. The Icelandic Eiderdown Duvets are known all over the world for luxury and comfort. This incredibly warm down is hand-picked from the nests of the Eider duck in Iceland and its natural insulation makes the down almost weightless and incomparable to anything else.

1. Temperature regulating Eiderdown

Eider down is the best insulator for regulating body temperature. Thanks to eiderdown's amazing ability to expand and contract depending on the temperature, eiderdown duvets are extremely temperature-regulating. Down has a natural ability to breathe and allowing air to effortlessly circulate and wick away moisture and keeping the body dry and warm and at an optimal temperature as you sleep no matter which season.

2. Eiderdown – the world’s best insulation

Down is by far the warmest insulating material available and nature's most effective insulator. Small tentacles in the down provide a natural resilience that binds the air, thus keeping the down from collapsing. The high-quality down has this fluffy filaments that make each down cluster interlock to trap pockets of air, keeping the cold out and warmth in.

3. Eiderdown is compressible and resilient

The eiderdown is both compressible and resilient. The duvet has incredible resiliency and holds together so well that it does not shift or lump in the duvet chambers. It will conform to your body while you are sleeping and spring back to its original shape during the day. Eiderdown maintains its shape and firmness for years.

4. Pure Softness

The eiderdown has no hard components and is extraordinarily soft, lightweight and warm and gives off a unique cuddly feeling.

5. Custom made to your needs

Each and every Icelandic Eider duvet is made individually depending on your need. The custom-made duvets come in standard sizes Single and double duvets, Queen size duvet, and King size and duvets for children. If you care for a warmer or colder version of the duvet we offer eiderdown duvet in two thicknesses; Light duvets for moderate climate and regular duvets for year around use in colder climates and unheated bedrooms.

6. Sustainable and animal friendly

Down is 100% natural and sustainable, eco-friendly material that has been used for thousands of years. The Eiderdown is hand-collected by farmers in Iceland and no birds are harmed. The farmers are committed to ensuring that all of the eiderdown is collected ethically and certified by the Down Association of Iceland are subject to regular audits of standards. Down has been shown to have the lowest carbon footprint of any other fill material.

7. Value for money and longevity

High quality Duvets filled with eiderdown can actually last for generations with proper maintenance of the down duvet. The natural durability and resilience of the down ensures that it can be washed, dried, and easily fluffed up again back to its original form. In the case of an overhaul, the down is removed and cleaned, and, if necessary, placed in a new cover.
A quality down product will certainly cost more and yes, it's expensive. Real eiderdown is one of the warmest natural fibers you can find and there are so many excellent reasons as to why the eiderdown is so valuable and irreplaceable.

8. Inspected and Certified by Icelandic government

The Icelandic eiderdown is Inspected, quality controlled and certified by the Icelandic government. See more info here
Authorized quality inspectors ensure that buyers of Icelandic eiderdown always receive a high quality product. An inspector assesses the down’s cleanliness, smell, color and cohesion and then confirms its weight. According to law, only eiderdown that has passed this strict quality control may be sold in Iceland or worldwide.

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