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Cushion Cover - Hvítserkur rock in Iceland

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Cushion Cover with photograph of Hvítserkur in Iceland

Hvítserkur in Húnaflóa bay in Iceland
Photography: Bragi J. Ingibergsson
Size of cover; 40 x 60 cm.

Hvítserkur Rock in North Iceland 
The image displayed on this cushion covers shows Hvítserkur, a rocky crag that stands by the seashore east of Vatnsnes at the head of Húnaflói bay in Iceland. Eroded by the sea into the bizarre shape, the rock derives its name (meaning white shirt) from its white color caused by seabird droppings. Hvítserkur is a popular destination for tourists visiting the country and a well known landmark.
According to folklore, Hvítserkur was a troll from Strandir in North Iceland, where he had lived happily for ages. When a church was built at Þingeyrar, across the bay, his fortunes changed, as trolls generally hate church bells sound. As a result, Hvítserkur took on a challenging journey with the mission to destroy the church bell. He, however, did not manage to complete the task, since he was caught in the ray of the rising sun as he crossed Vatnsnes, and consequently turned to stone.

The front of the cushion cover is made of 100% cotton satin with high quality durable smudge-free textile printing. The satin has a matt-finish and feels very soft and comfortable. The back is made from sturdy 100% cotton twill in black color. The covers have a zipper on the back.

The cushion covers are sold without a cushion (filler) and each cover is packed separately in a beautiful gift box. 

The cushion covers are made by Icelandic dairy farmers that live in a farm in Northern Iceland. They specialize in high quality textile products and their main product line consists of various types of cushion covers with photographs from the Icelandic nature.

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Cushion Cover - Hvítserkur rock in Iceland - The Icelandic Store

Cushion Cover - Hvítserkur rock in Iceland

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