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Iðunn Winter Icelandic Wool Duvets

Sale price$235.00

Embla All Season Wool Duvets

Iðunn winter duvet is a natural choice for healthy sleeping. The duvets are made from Icelandic wool. Iðunn is a winter grade duvet that has a special double-layer structure with many thin layers of nonwoven wool. The wool layers are separated with an air pocket for extra warmth. This provides higher thermal insulation while keeping the duvet light. We recommend Iðunn winter-grade duvet for people sensitive to cold. 

The Icelandic wool is an outstanding thermal insulator, breathable as well as a moisture regulator. Iðunn is a light duvet keeping you dry and cosy at the right temperature.

Sleeping surrounded by wool will improve your sleep, and there are scientific reasons for that. The wool regulates your body temperature. The wool fibres in our duvets are nonwoven, which means there is volume between the fibres. This allows for air to be trapped between them (air is a great insulator). This structure maximises the efficiency of the wool as thermal insulator.

What happens if you are too hot? Wool is a great moisture regulator and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Wool fibres absorb moisture and excess heat from your body and release it on the outside. This keeps you comfortably dry and cosy at the right temperature.

Lopidream products are eco-friendly, sustainable and animal friendly and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Product Details

The lambswool duvet is presented in a gift bag.
Filling:  100% Icelandic Lambswool
Weight  2,2 kg
Filling weight  
1,4 kg
Filling       100% Icelandic wool
Cotton cover/outer layer:
100% Cotton Batiste
Textile Certification:
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
12,0+ Tog  Thermal Resistance

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Iðunn Winter Icelandic Wool Duvets Sale price$235.00