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Einband - 1764 Vivid Green

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Color: Vivid Green
Number: 1764

Einband - Icelandic Lace Weight Lopi Wool Yarn
Einband is a fine single-ply 100% Icelandic wool yarn, that is fingering-lace weight.
Einband wool yarn is ideal for weaving, crafts, mittens, sweaters, shawls, light and delicate garments and lace knitting.
Einband can be knitted using more than one strand of yarn. Two strands together knit about like the Léttlopi. Einband can also be used to add strength to one-ply Plötulopi.

Garments made from Einband stretch and are therefore difficult to measure until they have been washed. It is recommend to make a gauge square before starting a project. The final size can be determined only after washing then measure it when dry to find the exact gauge and needle size to achieve accurate measurements in the finished piece. After washing, the wool becomes soft and manageable.

100% Icelandic wool yarn
Length and weight: Approx. 225 m (245 yd) | 50-gr skein or (1.7 oz).
Suggested needle sizes: All sizes from 2-6 mm.
Gauge 10×10 cm: Depends on needle size.
Gauge and needle size will vary based on the project being planned.
Weight: Fingering - Lace.
Washing instructions: Hand wash luke warm water and lay flat to dry. 
All the Einband yarn colors available

What is Icelandic Einband wool lace knitting yarn?

How to knit with Einband wool Yarn

Einband - 1764 Vivid Green. Lace Weight wool yarn Iceland
Einband - 1764 Vivid Green Sale price$5.99