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Silver Bindrune - Hope

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To lift your spirits

The Icelandic word Von translates directly as Hope.

We think that this symbol has an important place in the collection, as Hope carries with it a sense of inspiration and positivity.

  • Material: Rhodium plated sterling silver (.925).
  • Chain material: Rhodium plated sterling silver (.925).
  • Size: 2 cm in length, varying widths depending on the symbol.
  • Weight: The pendants range in weight from 2.67 to 4.6 grams, depending on the symbol.

Pickup currently unavailable at Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Silver Bindrune - Hope -

Silver Bindrune - Hope

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup currently unavailable

Gjahellla 3

221 Hafnarfjordur