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Sigýn - Icelandic Sweater - Black

Sale price$289.00

  • Striking Black and Earthy Tones: Features a deep black base with chocolate heather, oatmeal heather, and ivory beige patterns.
  • Plotulopi Icelandic Wool: Made from authentic Plotulopi wool, renowned for its warmth and durability.
  • Hand-Knitted Craftsmanship: Each piece is expertly hand-knitted in Iceland, showcasing traditional Icelandic knitting techniques.
  • Customizable Sizing: Available in sizes XS to XXL, with tailor-made options to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Inspired by Norse Mythology: Named after the Norse goddess Sigýn, symbolizing devotion and fidelity.

Sigýn is a splendid representation of Icelandic knitting traditions. Named after the Norse goddess Sigýn, known for her loyalty and devotion, this sweater is a true embodiment of the enduring spirit of Icelandic craftsmanship.

Premium Plotulopi Wool: Crafted from the finest Plotulopi Icelandic wool, the Sigýn sweater is not just a garment, but a shield against the cold. This wool is celebrated for its exceptional warmth, making it perfect for braving harsh climates while providing comfort in milder settings.

Rich Color Palette and Design: The sweater boasts a sophisticated black base color, beautifully complemented by chocolate heather, oatmeal heather, and ivory beige patterns. These colors are carefully chosen to represent the natural beauty of the Icelandic landscape and the depth of its folklore.

Artisanal Hand-Knitting: Each Sigýn sweater is a product of meticulous hand-knitting by skilled artisans in Iceland. This ensures that every piece is unique, with a quality that mass-produced garments cannot replicate. The hand-knitting process is a testament to the dedication and skill of Icelandic knitters.

Customization for Perfect Fit: Acknowledging the diverse preferences of its customers, the Icelandic Store offers the Sigýn sweater in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL. Further, customers can opt for tailor-made adjustments, allowing for a personalized and comfortable fit.

Norse Mythology Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, the Sigýn sweater is not just a piece of clothing but a symbol of fidelity and strength. It's a garment that tells a story, connecting the wearer to the rich tapestry of Norse legends and Icelandic traditions.

In conclusion, the "Sigýn - Icelandic Sweater - Black" is more than a fashion item; it's a celebration of Icelandic heritage, blending traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. It's an ideal choice for those who value quality, comfort, and a connection to cultural history.

Sigýn - Icelandic Sweater - Black -
Sigýn - Icelandic Sweater - Black Sale price$289.00