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Plotulopi - 0001 White

Sale price$5.99

Type: Plötulopi, unspun Icelandic wool
Color: White 
Number: 0001
We stock this item in large quantities. Pre-orders available when out of stock
10x10cm 2-ply, 14 stitches x 19 rows, needles 5½


Spin your own plates of Icelandic wool for heavy-duty warmth or weave a delicate, loose gauge garment with this unspun plotulopi yarn. Plotulopi (spelled as plötulopi in Icelandic) is the perfect choice for felting, hand-spinning, and weaving.

The plotulopi plate is unspun, much like pencil roving, so the strand is very delicate. Pure Icelandic wool has soft inner fibers that grip onto longer, water-repellent fibers on the outside. If the plotulopi strand breaks, you can gently twist it back together with a drop of water.

Traditional Icelandic knitters typically twist the wool for strength or knit it with a strand of einband yarn. Use two strands of plotulopi yarn for insulated winter sweaters. For heavy blankets and coats, you can knit up to four strands together. Even with a single strand, this Icelandic yarn is incredibly strong after the design is complete.

Like all of our yarn, this plotulopi is made in Iceland by Istex with 100% virgin Icelandic wool. Istex has been a top producer of Icelandic knitting yarn since 1896. The company is 80% owned by Icelandic farmers who let their sheep out to wander freely in the highlands and shear the world’s cleanest wool.

Plotulopi - 0001 White -
Plotulopi - 0001 White Sale price$5.99