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Icelandic National Costume Apron

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Icelandic National Costume Apron - Black with Silver

The apron Men's national costume is designed in the in the spirit of Icelandic National costume for men from the 19th century. The buttons on the apron were a prominent feature of men's festive wear at this time. The apron has silver embroidered buttons.

The apron comes with a decorative piece, tea towel, which is also decorated with embroidery.
The apron is suitable for both sexes.

The Icelandic National Costume symbolizes Iceland´s independence and is essential to the country´s identity.

Color: Black with Silver embroidered buttons

The apron is woven from 100% polyester. They are iron-free and specially coated so that stains are less likely to settle in the fabric.

Icelandic National Costume Apron - The Icelandic Store
Icelandic National Costume Apron Sale price$56.00