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Icelandic Dried Fish Fillets Snacks - 200 gr

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Fish Fillet - Traditional Dried Fish - 200 gr

Dried fish is often called fish jerky because of its tough texture. Traditional Icelandic snacks; harðfiskur is always made from fresh raw material. Harðfiskur is a natural product and contains no artificial ingredients. 
Icelandic Dried Fish Snacks, Fish jerky, are healthy snacks that provide a great source of protein. They contain 100g of protein, which is about 80 to 85% of the recommended daily protein intake. The Icelandic dried fish snack also has many nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. Harðfiskur is especially suitable for those who are seeking extra protein from their diet. Such as people who do a lot of activities like hiking, cycling, running, gym and all kinds of sports.

Benefits of consuming dried seafood snacks
Its a good energy source Rich of B12 Vitamin
Rich of Protein
Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails
Contributes to a growth in muscle mass and maintain muscle mass.
Studies show consuming fish jerky can help minimize the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Weight: 200 Grams
Type: Haddock Fillets
Dried fish is recognized as health food and the product is lightweight and has a long shelf life.

Icelandic Dried Fish Fillets Snacks - 200 gr
Icelandic Dried Fish Fillets Snacks - 200 gr Sale price$33.50