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Handcrafted hard candy with Rhubarb flavor

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Handcrafted hard and sweet candy with Rhubarb flavor

The first flavour that we created was the Rhubarb Hard Candy (Rheum rhabarbarum). Rhubarb was first introduced to Icelandic flora in the nineteenth century and has been popular in Icelandic cuisine ever since. It was a challenge to find the right balance between sweet and sour but ultimately we had great success.

Net weight 100 g

Nutrition information per 100g
Energy 1573kJ / 376kcal
Fat            0g
  of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates        95,67g
  of which sugars 86,65g
Protein   0g
Salt         0g

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, water, citric acid, natural coloring E162 and E160a, rhubarb flavoring (0.33%).

Kandís candy manufacturer is a passion project inspired by Icelandic flora. The sweet candies are handcrafted utilizing solely natural ingredients and traditional techniques, resulting in distinctive tastes infused with Icelandic herbs and berries.

Pickup currently unavailable at Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Handcrafted hard candy with Rhubarb flavor - The Icelandic Store

Handcrafted hard candy with Rhubarb flavor

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup currently unavailable

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