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Fjallalopi #3054 - Frost Grey

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  • Material: 100% authentic Icelandic wool, providing warmth and breathability.
  • Color: Frost Grey (Color No. 3054), a soft, neutral grey inspired by Iceland's icy landscapes.
  • Weight & Length: Each 50-gram ball provides approximately 150 meters of yarn.
  • Gauge: 22 stitches and 29 rows per 10×10 cm square with 3-4 mm needles.
  • Versatility: Half the thickness of Léttlopi, ideal for lightweight, durable garments.

Fjallalopi in Frost Grey (Color No. 3054) is the latest lightweight Icelandic wool yarn designed to inspire your next knitting project. Part of the esteemed Lopi family, Fjallalopi embodies the rich knitting tradition of Iceland and brings it to you with a lighter twist. Frost Grey, a soft, neutral tone inspired by Iceland's glaciers and winter landscapes, adds a sophisticated and timeless touch to your creations.

Authentic Icelandic Wool: Fjallalopi is crafted entirely from Icelandic wool, renowned for its natural warmth and breathability. Despite being half the thickness of Léttlopi, this yarn retains the insulating and water-repellent properties that have made Icelandic wool a staple for centuries. Each 50-gram ball offers 150 meters of yarn, providing ample material for lightweight yet durable garments.

Gauge for Perfect Stitch Definition: With a gauge of 22 stitches and 29 rows per 10×10 cm square using 3-4 mm needles, Fjallalopi offers a consistent gauge that ensures smooth stitch definition. This even texture allows for polished, professional-looking garments while providing flexibility in design.

Ethical and Sustainable Production: Fjallalopi is produced ethically and sustainably, using wool sourced from Icelandic sheep that graze freely across the country's pristine landscapes. This ensures that the yarn not only upholds the high standards of Icelandic wool but also supports eco-friendly practices and minimizes environmental impact.

Elegant Frost Grey Color: Frost Grey is a neutral shade that adds an air of sophistication to any wardrobe. This versatile color blends seamlessly with other hues or stands out on its own, providing a timeless backdrop for any knitting project. Whether you're crafting a sweater, scarf, or accessory, Frost Grey offers an elegant touch that suits both contemporary and traditional styles.

Creative and Versatile Possibilities: Fjallalopi's lightweight yet durable properties make it ideal for a variety of garments, from shawls and sweaters to hats and scarves. This yarn is especially suitable for layering, ensuring that your garments remain stylish and comfortable throughout the year. The Frost Grey colorway serves as a versatile base that can easily be combined with other shades for striking colorwork or intricate designs.

By choosing Fjallalopi in Frost Grey, you're embracing the warmth and authenticity of Icelandic wool while supporting sustainable and ethical production practices. Let this yarn inspire your next creation, and bring the timeless beauty of Iceland's knitting heritage into your wardrobe.

Fjallalopi #3054 - Frost Grey - The Icelandic Store
Fjallalopi #3054 - Frost Grey Sale price$4.99