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Desire - Free Knitting pattern

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Icelandic Long Wool Sweater Desire- Free knitting pattern

Want to get the complete knitting kit for the women's woolen sweater? This knitting kit includes all material needed to make your own Long Icelandic wool sweater.
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Lopi Pattern knitting kits

Collection of knitting kits for wool garments designed for women, men, children and accessories made of wool. Also knitting pattern books from Alafoss.
Shop our Icelandic wool yarn collection of knitting patterns and kits for your next knitting project. Each pattern is available as a digital download and all the necessary components are available for purchase. All our project kits include detailed instructions and the best quality of Icelandic wool yarns.

Desire - Free Knitting pattern -
Desire - Free Knitting pattern Sale price$0.00