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Icelandic Blanket - Tinna #2000

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  • Volcanic Inspiration: Named after obsidian (Hrafntinna), Tinna features a dark gray color, reminiscent of volcanic glass.
  • Textured Weave with Fringes: Offers a unique textured weave pattern with fringed edges for a stylish look.
  • Durable and Comfortable: Made from 100% pure Icelandic wool, known for durability, lightness, and warmth.
  • Self-Cleaning Wool: Wool naturally balances body temperature and requires minimal washing.
  • Versatile Size: Measures 130 x 200 cm (52 x 79 inches), perfect for various uses.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping: Delivered globally without additional shipping costs.
Alafoss Wool Blanket 2000 - Tinna, One color Black Icelandic Wool blanket
Icelandic Blanket - Tinna #2000 Sale price$169.00