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Article: 9 things to look for when buying an Icelandic wool blanket

9 things to look for when buying an Icelandic wool blanket
Wool blankets

9 things to look for when buying an Icelandic wool blanket

When buying a wool blanket, you might think is straightforward choice. Our guide will walk you through important things to consider when buying wool blankets from Iceland and point out the best place to buy 100% Icelandic wool blankets.
Wool blankets come in all different shapes and sizes, and first you should ask yourself; how you are going to use the blanket, what type of wool is best for the usage and how much it costs. You might also find it useful to know about the uniqueness of the Icelandic blankets, their durability, what they are made of, how they are made and of course were to buy the best Icelandic blanket you need.

1. How are you going to use the blanket?

Maybe the first question for you should be to consider before you start shopping for the best wool blankets online; How are you going to use it? Will you be using the blanket outside while camping, barbecuing or simply stargazing, maybe as a decoration inside your home, as a bed warmer, keep it in your car or even just purchase a cozy warm blanket for you to snuggle at you home doing some cozy things.

2. What types of wool blanket are there?

There are different type of wool blankets and when choosing the right blanket, it is wise to consider the kind of wool it is made of, its size and weight, the design and of course comfort and how warm it keeps you.
There are many different types of wool used to make blankets. The most common type of wool comes from sheep, lambswool, and different breeds produce different types of fibre. Each type of wool has its own unique benefits and characteristics. Virgin wool, merino wool from the merino sheep and wool from the Icelandic sheep. The wool is taken from the first shearing of a lamb, usually, when it is around 7 months old. Make sure you check the size of the blanket and weight before buying, because the wool blankets can come in different sizes and weight.

3. Are Icelandic wool blankets and throws expensive?

Is a wool blanket worth the price, you may ask? Well, wool is a great investment because with the proper care it will last a lifetime.
There are many benefits of the wool blankets.

  • The wool blankets are made with high quality material and the wool used in the blankets are from the rare Icelandic sheep that lives in the rough weathers in Iceland.
  • Their thick fibers have a natural protective layer that prevents stains and dust from collecting.
  • It's breathable and temperature regulating, so you'll always stay at the perfect temperature no matter the weather.
  • The blankets are water-resistant and can be used in all kinds of weather.
  • A high-quality wool blanket can last for a long time and if you take care of your wool blanket, it will last a lifetime and the investment is worth it.

4. What makes Icelandic wool blankest and throws so special?

Wool blankets have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world and are designed by nature to keep you warm and dry all year along, through rough winters and cold summers.
Sheep wool is an excellent insulator that keeps sheep warm in the roughest and it can also absorb a lot of moisture. The wool has an incredible thermal property and performs exceptionally in all weather conditions. In addition the self-cleaning ability of the wool and resistant to mold and mildew.

5. Three reasons why wool blankets are so warm

Wool fibers hold and circulate heat through small pockets of air between the fibers. This circulation allows heat to move toward you when you’re cold and away from you when you’re hot. The wool contains protein that is called keratin and is one of the reasons why the wool holds in heat. Keratin is found in all animal hair and helps regulate body temperature. In wool blankets, keratin acts as insulation for your body. The third amazing thing about wool is the water-resistant ability. If you are covered in wool blanket when it rains the wool blanket will continue to keep you warm.

6. How long should a wool blanket last?

Wool blankets are among the most durable of all and thanks to its natural durability. If your wool blanket is made of 100% wool, it will last much longer. Wool is known for its long lifespan. Wool blankets are very easy to care of. If you follow the care instructions your woolen blankets will last for many years.

Icelandic lamb. Wool blankets from Iceland

7. What are Icelandic wool blankets made of?

The blankets are made from 100% pure Icelandic wool and woven from natural Icelandic sheep's wool in stunning pastoral shades and tones. The woolen blankets from Iceland feature a variety of colors and traditional Icelandic patterns are the most durable, lightweight, longest-lasting throw blankets and retain heat whilst being completely breathable. The Lopi wool blankets: Alafoss wool throws & blankets, Warma wool blankets and Kidka Wool blankets will become a decorative focal point in any room, whilst providing snug warmth on those cold winter nights.

8. How is the Icelandic blanket made?

It is hard to imagine how many processes go into making just one wool blanket! It is a manufacturing process and lot of knowledge lies in all the steps of this traditional process, from the arrival of the raw wool, washing the wool, cutting, packaging, and labeling the blankets. It is amazing how the wool workers convert the natural wool into these amazing products like the Icelandic wool blankets. It is worth acknowledging the skilled work that goes into making the Icelandic wool blankets.
The woolen process begins with selecting the quality wool material for the base of making the finest woolen blankets. The carding machine mixes and prepares fibers for spinning into yarn. Then is the spinning process of twisting fibres together and once spun, the yarn is then put through a weaving machine. The machines are programmed depending on the type of yarn being woven into a final product, either a blanket or throw rug. Lastly the blankets or throws are dried and raised. The raising machine brushes the fabric so the blanket feels softer. The fabric is additionally combed after weaving to make it even softer. Another important step is a washing process to tighten the weave of the fabric and this is done through winding blankets around big cylinders.

9. Where can I buy wool blankets from Iceland?

Are you looking to buy an 100% authentic Icelandic wool blanket and throws? You can find a stunning collection of high-quality wool blankets from renowned brands and Icelandic designers. Some have cute patterns or designs, while others are a solid color. There are varying textures and weaves to blankets, too. Whatever you choose, the right blanket that is a perfect fit for you will keep you warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months.
Icelandic store offers the best selection of blankets and throws made from 100% lambswool. Do you want a little piece of Iceland sent directly to your door? We deliver In 3-6 business days.
To sum it all together the Icelandic wool blanket is eco-friendly, water-resistant, antibacterial, and even has the potential to help you sleep better. Prepare to meet the warmest, most durable, longest-lasting throw blanket you’ll ever own.

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