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Article: 4 Reasons To Choose An Iceland Wool Blanket Over Other Types of Blankets

Wool blankets in Icelandic landscape

4 Reasons To Choose An Iceland Wool Blanket Over Other Types of Blankets

An Icelandic wool blanket is made by using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years. The wool comes from sheep raised in the free Icelandic mountains. The Icelandic lamb have been roaming free since 874 and have a straight lineage for 1.100 years.

There’s nothing cozier on a cold winter’s day than snuggling up in a blanket made from the warmest and durable wool in the world. The softness of wool depends on the type of wool and comes from the structure of the fleece it was made from. A wool blanket gives you all the warmth and versatility you need. The wool from a sheep is considered to be the highest quality wool on the market. The wool is incredibly soft and smooth and because of its softness and warmth the wool can be comfortably close to the skin.

Alafoss wool blankets and throws from Iceland

What makes this type of blanket so special?

Here are four reasons why you should choose an Icelandic wool blanket over other types of blankets.

    Blankets and throws from Iceland. Made of 100% Icelandic wool

    1. Softness of the Icelandic wool

    This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about an Icelandic wool blanket. They are extremely soft and luxurious, making them perfect for snuggling up with during cold winter nights. If you’re looking for a luxury item that will last for years, then an Icelandic wool blanket is the right choice for you.

    2. Icelandic wool blankets are warm

    The Icelandic wool blankets are known for being very warm, especially compared to other types of blankets. Because wool fibers have natural kinks and bends, they trap air to keep your body warm. They are also very breathable, allowing air to circulate freely through the fibers. A good quality Icelandic wool blanket has a unique combination of warmth, comfort, and durability. It’s made with pure Icelandic wool, which is naturally resistant to moths and mildew. This means that it won’t need to be washed as often as other types of blankets.

    3. Durable wool blankets last longer than traditional blankets

    Wool blankets made from sheep's wool is a very strong material and because these blankets are made from 100% pure Icelandic wool, they are extremely durable. The blanket feels thicker and more durable than your average lightweight throw. They will last for decades without losing any of its warmth or softness. If you’re looking for a high quality, durable blanket, then an Icelandic wool blanket is the perfect choice. They’re also very easy to care for, making them ideal for people who live in cold climates.

    4. Wool is a versatile and practical fabric

    The Icelandic wool blankets are a lovely decoration in every room of your home, making it extremely cozy. Versatile and practical, wool blanket from Iceland will perfectly match any bedroom or living room. They are also ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and of course outdoors.
    You can use an Icelandic wool blanket as a throw, coverlet, bedspread, duvet, pillowcase, or even a rug! This versatility makes it a wonderful addition to any room in your home.

    Best place to buy Icelandic wool blanket?

    Bring the warmth and quality of Icelandic wool into your home with our beautiful and practical Icelandic wool blankets. The woolen blankets and throws can be bought online here at Icelandic store and we consider the best place to buy Icelandic wool blankets.
    Check out our great selection of wool blankets from Iceland.

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