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The Icelandic Hot Dog - 10pack

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The infamous Icelandic hot dog! If you have had this experience here in Iceland then you know what you are in for. If not, get ready for a seriously good hot dog.

The Icelandic phrase "Ein með öllu" is something everyone over here knows. Simple translation, one with everything. That would mean Vals ketchup, Remulaði, Icelandic mustard, onions (raw and fried) and a Coke.

How to cook: Boil water, remove from stove. Put in hot dogs. Wait a minute. 
Warm the buns in an oven for a minute or two. Just to soften them.
*For extra flavor put in 1 cup of pilsner/beer into the pot along with the hot dogs..

Each pack contains 10 hot dogs. The have a shelf life of around 2 weeks.
To make sure this arrives in top shape we only ship this product on Mondays via DHL in a chilled styrofoam box with a coolant mat. Shipping with DHL takes 2-3 days so by shipping on Mondays we make sure the package does not get held up over weekends at the DHL sorting centers.  

Don't forget to add ketchup, mustard and remulaði in the basket. It won't be the same without it!

Here you can get the rest of the kit. The Icelandic hot dog.

* At the moment we are only able to ship this product to the USA.
** This product must be shipped via DHL 
*** Shipping one pack costs the same as shipping 4 packs so it might be a good idea to order more than one at the time. Hot dogs can be stored in a freezer.

Pickup currently unavailable at Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

The Icelandic Hot Dog - 10pack - The Icelandic Store

The Icelandic Hot Dog - 10pack

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

Pickup currently unavailable

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