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Lettlopi yarn - 0056 Ash Heahter

Sale price$4.49
  • Authentic Icelandic Wool: Crafted from 100% pure new wool for genuine Icelandic knitting projects.
  • Sophisticated Ash Heather Color: A deep, nuanced shade ideal for diverse knitting creations.
  • Perfect Weight for Versatile Use: Lighter than Álafosslopi, suitable for both lightweight garments and accessories.
  • Generous Yarn Length: Each 50g ball provides around 100m, accommodating a variety of projects.
  • User-Friendly for All Knitters: Compatible with 4½ - 5 mm needles, catering to knitters at every skill level.

Introduction Experience the richness of Icelandic knitting with Léttlopi #0056 Ash Heather Wool Yarn, a product steeped in the knitting traditions of Iceland and designed for modern crafting needs.

Quality and Origin Sourced from Icelandic sheep, this yarn is celebrated for its dual-coated fleece, offering natural insulation and moisture resistance. The 100% new wool composition ensures durability and comfort in every stitch.

Color and Style Ash Heather is a deep, complex shade that brings sophistication to your knitting projects. Its versatility makes it ideal for traditional Icelandic patterns as well as contemporary designs, providing a warm and rustic charm.

Yarn Specifications Each ball weighs 50g and extends approximately 100 meters. As a worsted medium weight yarn, Léttlopi is thick enough for durable wear yet light enough for comfort. It works best with 4½ - 5 mm knitting needles, suitable for a variety of knitting styles and preferences.

Project Flexibility This yarn is not just for sweaters; its adaptability makes it perfect for hats, scarves, mittens, and more. The lightweight yet warm nature of the wool makes it suitable for garments across different seasons.

Conclusion Léttlopi #0056 Ash Heather Wool Yarn embodies the essence of Icelandic knitting, combining traditional quality with a modern aesthetic. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty and functionality of natural, high-quality knitting materials.

Léttlopi - 0056 Ash Heahter -
Lettlopi yarn - 0056 Ash Heahter Sale price$4.49