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Egils Malt & Appelsin - Christmas in a can

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Egils Malt and Appelsin - Icelandic Christmas soda drink

The traditional Icelandic mix of a Egils Malt (malt beer) and Egils Appelsín (orange soda). Very popular during Christmas and Easter holiday seasons in Iceland.
Tired of mixing your own Malt and Appelsin? This drink is the perfect mix. Get Icelandic Christmas in a can. The Icelandic Christmas Ale.

500ml in a can

What is Malt and Appelsín?

Malt og Appelsín is a mixture of two classic Icelandic soft drinks, Malt, a malty sweet soda and Appelsín, fizzy orange-flavored soft drink.
In this can the mixture is already prepared
According to Icelanders the trick to the mix of Malt and Appelsin is to pour the Appelsin first into a glass and then the Malt. Otherwise the foam from the malt will overflow.

Production of Egils Maltextrakt began in 1913, more than 100 years ago, in which Parliament approved women's suffrage. Since then, Iceland, the women as well as men, chosen to drink Egils Malt - either alone or in combination with Egils orange.

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Egils Malt & Appelsin - Christmas in a can. Icelandic soft drinks

Egils Malt & Appelsin - Christmas in a can

Local Store - Hafnarfjörður

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