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Article: Chocolate Delights: Exploring Iceland's Sweet Obsession

Chocolate Delights: Exploring Iceland's Sweet Obsession

Chocolate Delights: Exploring Iceland's Sweet Obsession

Iceland, a land known for its fiery volcanoes, icy glaciers, and rich Norse mythology, also boasts a unique and fascinating culinary heritage. Among its many intriguing aspects is the rich tradition of Icelandic chocolate and candy.
Icelandic Chocolate is like a symphony of flavors and traditions when exploring the unique flavors of the Icelandic candy. Do you want to explore the sweet side of Iceland and discover the most beloved Icelandic chocolate?
Let’s peak into the history of Icelandic sweets and conclude with some traditional recipes that you can try at home to experience the sweet taste of Iceland.

A Brief History of Icelandic Candy

Before the 20th century, Icelandic candy was primarily imported by traders, with Danish merchants holding exclusive trading rights during the monopoly period from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The isolation of Iceland meant that many of the ingredients used in candy production had to be imported, which was both expensive and rare. As a result, sweets were considered a luxury.
The early 20th century marked a significant shift for Iceland, transitioning into an urban and industrialized nation. In 1918, the first Icelandic candy maker, Freyja, commenced chocolate production. Shortly after, in 1920, competition emerged with the establishment of Noi, initially specializing in hard candy and caramels.
Both Freyja and Noi evolved from modest workshops into expansive factories, producing a diverse range of confections. As the century progressed, additional candy manufacturers emerged, including Goa, which introduced products that quickly gained popularity within the Icelandic candy landscape.
Today, Freyja, Noi-Sirius, and Goa remain prominent figures in the Icelandic candy industry, continuing their operations. Furthermore, the confectionery scene has witnessed the emergence of innovative companies like Omnom, introducing fresh and delightful treats to captivate consumers in recent years.

Licorice Love in Iceland

One of the most iconic Icelandic candies is licorice. Its popularity surged in the mid-20th century. Unlike other countries where licorice is often a polarizing flavor, in Iceland, it became a staple. This is partly due to the limited availability of other sweeteners like sugar, especially during the war years, which led to an innovative use of what was available. Icelandic licorice is known for its intense flavor, often combined with chocolate, or used as a filling in various candies.

Unique Flavors and Ingredients

Icelanders also took to chocolate, creating their own versions of chocolate bars that have become classics. The Icelandic climate isn't suitable for growing cacao, but that didn't stop the production of chocolate. Companies like Nói Síríus and Góa became household names, making chocolates that were distinct in terms of both taste and texture. What sets Icelandic candy apart are the unique local ingredients.

What is special about Icelandic chocolate?

Icelandic chocolate is generally considered to be of high quality, and many people find it delicious. Icelandic chocolate is made from high-quality cocoa beans and other pure, locally sourced ingredients, such as Icelandic milk, which is known for its creaminess due to the clean and unpolluted environment for the cows.
Icelandic chocolate makers are known for their creativity and experimentation with flavors in chocolate making. This includes unique flavor combinations, like the inclusion of Icelandic Sea salt and liqorice. They often incorporate unique and unexpected ingredients to create exciting flavor combinations that appeal to a wide range of tastes.
Certain Icelandic chocolate brands have earned international acclaim and awards, showcasing their exceptional quality and helping to establish a notable presence on the global chocolate scene. While not as globally renowned as some European counterparts, some Icelandic brands have gained recognition worldwide, highlighting the appeal and excellence of Icelandic chocolate.
Chocolate holds a special place in Icelandic culture and is often enjoyed during holidays and special occasions. The cultural significance of chocolate in Iceland further enhances the appreciation for Icelandic chocolate among locals and visitors alike.
Icelandic chocolate is generally considered to be delicious and worth trying for anyone with a love of chocolate. If you appreciate fine chocolate and are open to trying new flavor profiles, Icelandic chocolate could be a delightful experience for you.

Is Icelandic chocolate good?

What does Icelandic chocolate taste like? The Icelandic chocolate is generally considered to be of high quality and is well-regarded for its unique flavors and artisanal craftsmanship. With a focus on pure, locally sourced ingredients and innovative combinations, Icelandic chocolate offers a rich and distinctive experience that has garnered international recognition and awards.

What makes Icelandic chocolate different?

Evidently, licorice makes a frequent appearance in Icelandic chocolate bars. And, evidently, Icelanders find this combination of chocolate and licorice absolutely delicious. In Iceland, the combination of chocolate and licorice is very popular, and it's a flavor profile that might be unusual to those not familiar with Nordic cuisine. The sweet, slightly bitter taste of licorice paired with the richness of chocolate is a hallmark of Icelandic confectionery, and it's a distinctive feature that sets Icelandic chocolate apart from others.

Sanbo thristur chocolate from Iceland

What is the most popular chocolate bar in Iceland?

This is a tough question to answer as for chocolate lovers there are so many different types of Icelandic chocolate. Look at the option to choose from the producers: Nói – Síríus, Sambó candy, Freyja, Góa and Omnom.


Where to buy Icelandic chocolate?

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Recipes with Icelandic chocolate in it

Now, let’s get to the sweetest part—making some cakes and desert using the Icelandic chocolate! 12 Heavenly Recipes with Icelandic Chocolate

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